The Don’s Daughter by Renee Rose

This week we take a look at a delightful and hot little tale of high risk D/s play – but it’s only high risk because of the people involved. Summer, … Continue Reading →

This week’s feature – My sassy settler by Maggie Ryan

Willamette Wives, Book Two What should be a wonderful new adventure for newlyweds Wyatt and Agatha Wilcox is not turning out quite the way they’d hoped. Wyatt’s dreams of building … Continue Reading →

Spy Games – Book 3 – A swinging Christmas by Heather Hart

This week we highlight a delightful story of spying and intrigue by hot British author, Heather Hart. When you put a congressman together with a Detroit hood, you can wind … Continue Reading →

The Murderess by Allison West

This week we highlight a delightful book by Allison West called The Murderess Series: Courtesan Slave Trade Book 1 Publisher: Blushing Books Genre: Dystopian, Romantic Erotica Women that leave the … Continue Reading →

Chastity – locking up the man

His arms are raised and attached to the securing points on the St Andrews cross. You tap his ankles apart and fix them to the lower points on the cross. … Continue Reading →