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Femme Fatale.

Jessica Brand and her alter ego, R. R. Greaves are one and the same person. Writing under either name, depending on the story line and theme, Jessica has produced a steady stream of hot and kinky tales since her first book was published in mid 2014. Her latest, Serving her Scientist, was released on 10 November 2016.  All have been published by Blushing Books and because of the subject matter she writes about, she likes to keep her private life and public persona separate. She says: "Otherwise I would have all you subbies out there throwing yourself at my feet and it would all wind up most undignified. A woman can only discipline and control so many subs at once." 😉 She is more than happy to reply to genuine posts on her blog and answer questions from readers, either male or female who are making genuine inquiries. 

With a keen interest in BDSM (switching from top to bottom depending on who she is playing with),Total Power Exchange (TPE), latex, leather and other 'non mainstream' fields. "I support and encourage adults in their exploration of alternative sexual fantasies, especially if it involves the reading of erotica - even more so if it is erotica written by me. Within reasonable limits you should be encouraged to play out your fantasies in a safe, sane and genuinely consensual manner.The best part is that you get to determine what your own reasonable limits are."

Sexy dominatrix with whip and handcuffs at vintage wall

"Following many years of 'hands on,' I decided to weave some of my experiences and ideas into stories. After testing the waters in free forums and receiving overwhelming support for my work it was time to publish. Not surprisingly, my stories have been accepted and they turned out to be hits, with most of them making the best selling lists at Blushing Books. What you read, both on this site and in my books, is the somewhat sanitized tale of some of the things I've done. The unfortunate truth is that if I wrote down all the titillating details, the books would all receive X-ratings.

Imagine yourself kneeling in front of your master or mistress as they tease you, as they blindfold you, cuff you or bind you. Their hand comes crashing down upon your butt, the swats slowly getting harder before they introduce you to the paddle or the cane. Each impact reverberates right through you, the searing pain in your derriere turning to a delicious warmth in your erogenous zones before your body is invaded and you are used the way you crave to be used. You want to beg them to stop but your gag prevents you. You have a safe signal but you won't use it as you realize you want them to continue.  You need them to continue as your body reaches fever pitch. They play you as a musician plays an instrument and together you make beautiful music, an exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain until you are pushed to a climax you can't prevent, surrendering totally to their will.

Let my writing take you there."


This website will show exerpts from her published works along with other erotic and BDSM related content that takes her fancy and will have an active blog. Join her as she explores the areas of sexuality that so many of you dream about but so few can discuss.

If you are seeking pornography, you are wasting your time and should seek it elsewhere. If you wish to explore the netherworld of BDSM and other activities, hopefully this site will help you in your ongoing education and enjoyment.

The site remains a Work In Progress so please bear with me while it is under development. Comments, queries and suggestions are always welcome.

Please drop me a note to [email protected] and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

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