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Nathan is a young man who has struggled with his sexuality for years. While friendly and outgoing he has come to accept that he's simply not attracted to women. Finally deciding he needs to get away from his home town, he moves to Sydney to explore his sexuality and hopefully find the love that has eluded him during his short life. The story tells of his exploits and adventures as he meets others in the Gay scene, eventually falling for Trent, a very experienced and irresistible Dominant. Despite their relationship getting off to a rocky beginning, he falls further and further under Trent's spell, eventually submitting  before being trained to perform as Trent's ponyboy in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. After being a smashing success in the parade, Nathan finally accepts the formal offer of Trent for Nathan to become his slave.

Chapter 1

Stepping down into the bar on Oxford Street, Sydney Nathan felt decidedly self-conscious as his eyes adjusted to the low light inside. As he expected, most of the clientele were men. He was a little surprised to see a number of them up close to one another, some holding hands as they gazed into each other’s eyes and others with their legs intertwined. Surprisingly to him, there were also a few pairs of women sharing drinks as well. Men with men, women with women – he knew this should have been what to expect however it was still surprisingly confronting and alien to him.

Making his way to a vacant section of the island bar, he was conscious of the admiring glances he was receiving from a few of the men present. None of the women showed any sign of even having noticed him as he ordered his first drink and sat in quiet contemplation about what he was doing and questioning whether he had made the correct decision.
Having recently arrived from Cairns, in Far North Queensland, Nathan was staying in temporary accommodation as he looked for something more permanent in the inner city area. He had taken a job as a ferry master and would spend his working time on Sydney Harbour as he built up his hours to advance his qualifications. Although he had visited Sydney a number of times during his youth, this was the first time he was there alone.

While he was already missing his family, he felt comfortable in having finally made the break from the idyllic existence in the tourist mecca of Cairns. As much as he had quite a circle of friends there, he somehow knew he no longer fitted in. His relationship needs were becoming such that if they became public knowledge in Cairns, he would struggle to maintain employment and personal safety. He needed the anonymity that a city the size of Sydney provided, as well as the more open attitudes of the people, at least in some areas of the city.



Scanning the bar, he made brief eye contact with a number of other men before shyly turning away, unsure of how to strike up a conversation with them and not even sure that he really wanted to, afraid of where it may lead. Where he came from he had no problem chatting with either friends or strangers but now that he was in Sydney, he was suppressing that natural openness. The people here were not like they were back home and in the few days he had been here, he had already learned to be a little suspicious about people and their motives.

He had found that making eye contact with people in the city was fraught and he had already found himself at the sharp end of a beggar’s tongue more than once as they engaged him, hoping for a free handout. He was shocked to find that when they asked him for money to buy some food, that wasn’t what they wanted at all. He had offered to buy some or had offered what he had in his hands only to find they were quite affronted. A torrent of abuse would generally follow before they would move onto their next target. He couldn’t understand it as there were no beggars on the street where he came from. People were expected to work for what they received and while the townsfolk were generous, there generally wasn’t much to go around for those who weren’t prepared to pull their weight. His research had not addressed these sorts of issues and he was still a little confused about how best to respond, very quickly realizing that it was best not to engage them in the first place. His research had extended to the bars of Darlinghurst and he knew there were certain protocols expected in some of these bars and he was unclear on whether he should initiate contact with people or whether he should wait to be approached.

Deliberately and purposefully exploring his sexuality, he was confused about what he wanted and this, combined with the ignorance of youth made it a very challenging time for him.
Growing up in a family with two older sisters, his life always seemed to be dominated by women. As much as this didn’t bother him and knowing no different, as he went through puberty he found himself relating much more closely to other boys. He knew he was supposed to like girls and he did, having little trouble in dating girls from school but as much as he felt comfortable in their company, he had not met anyone who really attracted him. He had never fallen in love with any of the girls he had dated, despite losing his virginity a few years before and he didn’t know what to make of that.

Nathan’s relationship with his father was not without its problems and as he was growing up he found that he could never seem to please ‘the old man’. There was always an undercurrent of criticism. Nathan was never quite good enough. Although he played in the local football team, his efforts on the field never seemed to meet his father’s expectations. He knew there would come a time where his relationship with his father would boil over so he decided it was time to leave. Accepting a position with a small coastal shipping company, he headed off to sea and for the first time he was totally happy with his life.

His work was not easy but he found the mostly male company aboard the ship easy to get along with in the main. With only the occasional woman cycling through the crew rotation there was not the seemingly never ending pressure to “win on.” Much of the banter aboard covered sex and the age old jokes about sailors and their relationships with other sailors during long periods at sea. Despite the banter, there was a strong undercurrent of homophobia that made Nathan feel uncomfortable although he didn’t understand why. He found himself engaging in the same sort of conversations, despite finding what to him, was a disturbing attraction to some of the other men he served with. This led to internal conflict that he suppressed in order to survive.

He threw himself at his job and worked out the most efficient path to get ahead and before long he was moving up in the ranks. Between periods at sea he was studying at different maritime colleges to gain the pre-requisite education to attain the next level and it wasn’t long before he found himself the Master of a dive vessel taking tourists out to the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns.
Occasionally he would receive some good natured ribbing about his lack of a girlfriend and his rejection of the advances of many of the female tourists who came on his dive tours. He would routinely fend the comments off by quoting company policy forbidding fraternization with the clients. If pushed further he would explain that he simply didn’t have time to find a girl ashore as he spent too much time at sea to maintain any sort of lasting relationship.

Nathan had found that running a dive boat was quite satisfying for him and he often found himself admiring the divers as they geared up for their dives. While few divers in the tropics wore wet suits for diving, nearly all wore what were known as stinger suits, all over lycra suits that hugged the body like a second skin and protected it from the various stingers that were quite common in the warm tropical waters. While there was no shortage of women who looked delightful in these suits, it was the well sculpted bodies of the men that he found the most attractive.

On occasion, some divers would wear thin wetsuits and again it was both the male bodies and the suits themselves that held his attention. He also dived when he wasn’t working and he always wore a wetsuit, explaining to others that he suffered from the cold more than most. The truth of his situation was that it was the tight fitting rubber suits that he enjoyed wearing more than anything else. The sight and the feel of rubber took on a life of its own and he often fantasized about playing with other rubber clad bodies, either in or out of the water. Many was the time that the tight fitting neoprene would be effectively hiding his excitement as his cock moved within its snug, warm enclosure.

For years he suppressed his sexual feelings, initially trying to deny them but with the reality gradually dawning on him that he found men more attractive than women. He knew he needed to keep these feelings hidden because despite living in the supposed tolerant twenty-first century, he knew his life would be hell in this close knit community if his true orientation became known.
Professionally, Cairns limited his scope to advance and combined with his increasing frustration from hiding his burgeoning sexual orientation and needs, he decided that a large city was where he needed to be and Sydney ticked all the right boxes. And so it was that he now found himself, a stranger in a big city, exploring the bars of Oxford Street, trying to discover himself at the ripe old age of twenty-four.

He ordered another rum and coke and while he was waiting for it, he looked around once again. Focusing on two women in the corner he was shocked to see one lean into the other and passionately kiss her. It was clear it was a deep tongue kiss and her partner responded in kind before opening her eyes and seeing Nathan watching. He rapidly averted his gaze, not knowing what to think as he stared at his drink and studiously avoided looking their way again.

When he was nearly finished his drink, Mike the bartender, a friendly looking guy about ten years older than Nathan, placed another drink in front of him. He leaned forward and said softly, “It appears you have a suitor.”

Nathan looked up, surprised but flattered at the same time. Scanning the bar his natural focus was on the women, wondering who would be forward enough to buy him a drink. Confused, he asked, “Who?” Mentally checking himself he then reminded himself what sort of bar he was in. Looking over the far side of the bar he noticed a well-dressed man in a suit and tie who was about the same age as the barman. He was looking away and hence Nathan could only see him in profile. He turned to Mike who nodded quickly before turning to serve a couple of other guys who had just walked in, hand in hand.

Taking a sip of the drink, he realized it was exactly what he had been drinking already so his suitor obviously did his homework. This would not have been difficult as he was obviously a regular in here and was friendly with Mike. As he drank it, he wondered what he should do. This was all so alien to him. Watching his suitor across the bar, he noticed that he chatted briefly to a couple of other men he obviously knew but he did not look back Nathan’s way. Eventually Nathan drained his glass and walked nervously around the other side of the bar. Smiling as he extended his hand he said, “I’ve always been taught to never accept a drink from strangers. Hi. I’m Nathan.”

Taking his hand, the stranger looked him in the eye, his expression not changing. “Trent.”

Nathan was impressed by his firm grip and noticed that as he shook, he twisted his arm slightly to ensure his hand was on top of Nathan’s. The gesture was subtle but obviously no accident. “Thanks for the drink. You must let me return your hospitality.” He turned back to the bar just as the bar man slid two fresh drinks across the bar, placing one in front of him and one in front of Trent.
“You’re new here.”
“Yes. I’ve only been in town a couple of days. Just exploring and getting to know the place as I prepare for my new job.”
“And that will be?”
“I’m a charter boat skipper. Charter boats or ferries.”
“So young to be a captain. Hello sailor.”
“Yes, I’ve heard it all before. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them. They think I’m too young.”
“Well, young has its advantages and disadvantages in this town. Be careful. There is no shortage of predators around here. They seek out fresh meat,” he said, his expression not changing. “And you certainly stand out as fresh meat.”
“I can take care of myself.”
“I’m sure you can. Everyone like you who comes in here says the same. Some manage to fit in and some disappear, never to return. Be careful. Drinks get spiked. The drugs will incapacitate a bull.”
“How do I know that you’re not one of them?”
“You don’t,” he replied as he raised his glass to his mouth. “That first drink you took could have been spiked. The drug could be working its way through your system as we speak. How do you feel? Do you need to sit? Are things getting a little fuzzy?”
The reality of what he was saying hit Nathan like a sledge hammer as he looked at Trent in alarm. He then looked around at Mike nervously before addressing Trent once again. “I feel quite well and I don’t need to sit,” he said quickly.
“So there’s a good chance I didn’t spike it, then. Let me know if anything changes,” Trent said, deadpan. “To spike it would mean that Mike would have to be a co-conspirator and I don’t think he wants to spend the best years of his life in prison.”
“There are bad men in there and they do all sorts of things to you, consensually or non-consensually,” Mike chimed in as he held up one hand, his thumb and forefinger forming a small circle. “This, quickly turns to this,” he said as he expanded his fingers to form a much larger circle and screwed up his face in disgust. “I have no intention of ever becoming Bubba’s bitch.”
“Although sometimes doing a little cell time can be fun, can’t it Mike? Being locked in a pair of hand cuffs.”
Mike looked at Trent before rolling his eyes back and replying dreamily with a fake, effeminate accent, “Only with the right jailer.” Pouting at Trent, he went on, “Would you like to lock me in your cell for the night, big boy.” As Trent burst out laughing, Mike moved off to serve one of the women who Nathan had seen kissing, earlier.

Nathan looked at Trent in total confusion, having no idea what he and Mike had been talking about. He wondered who the mysterious Bubba was and what it meant to become his bitch.
Trent’s demeanor softened slightly as he ordered another couple of drinks and some bar snacks when Mike returned. “You should eat. Drinking rum on an empty stomach will invariably end in tears.”
A few minutes later a serving of chicken wings and a plate of French fries arrived and Nathan gratefully ate at Trent’s behest. They made small talk with Trent finding out more about Nathan’s background and what he wanted to do with himself while he was in Sydney. Eventually Trent said, “You know what kind of bar this is, don’t you?”
“I’ve got a pretty good idea.”
“And that’s what you want?”
“I have no idea what I want. All I know is that I’ve never been in love before. I’ve had sex with a couple of girls but somehow there was just something missing. It just didn’t feel right and I don’t know why.”
“Have you ever been with another man before?”
“You’ve obviously never been to my home town. Short answer – no!”
“Do you want to?”
“As I said, I have no idea what I want. I’ve never felt love towards a man, if that’s what you’re asking. I guess I’m just curious… trying to find my way.”
As day turned to night Nathan found himself more comfortable chatting with Trent. The effects of the rum were beginning to tell on him but he failed to recognize the signs. He was slurring his words and beginning to lurch around on his bar stool.
“I think you should take a bit of a break, Tiger. Have a glass or two of water before you leave. When that cool night air hits you, it’ll knock you around a bit.”
“Who the fuck are you calling Tiger?” Nathan snarled. “I can drink you under the table any (hic!) night of the week.” He looked down at the solid bar and added, “Or the fuckin’ bar or whatever.”
Trent remained calm and just nodded. “I’m sure you could. I didn’t mean to insult you. Let me get you another one for the road.”
“Thash better. You’re alright. You know that? You’re all fucking right.”
Trent signaled Mike who ensured there was very little rum in the final drink but Nathan didn’t notice and it was too late anyhow. He finally got unsteadily to his feet and weaved his way out onto the street without saying good-bye to either Trent or Mike. As he staggered off around the corner it was only a matter of minutes before he could hardly stay on his feet. As he looked up the street he saw the streetlights that were all blurry and starting to spin as he closed his eyes crashed against a fence and then slid to the ground, having no idea that Trent was there to catch him and ease his fall.

Excerpt 1

Arriving at the pool, Trent led the way out to his favorite poolside area, Smiling and greeting a number of others who were socializing in the sun. Nathan was attracting the interest of quite a number of them as they wondered whether he and Trent were an item or whether they might have a chance of moving in. Stripping down to their swimming costumes, it was as if all conversation ceased as eyes focused on Nathan. His bronze body and flimsy white bikini brought gasps of approval amongst the bolder sun worshippers. Trent had to stifle a chuckle as he watched one get bitch slapped by his partner for openly ogling.

Strong Muscular Fit Man Posing In A Swimsuit

Handing Nathan the sunscreen, Trent said, “Rub this on my back and shoulders please.”
Nathan took the tube and squeezed some of the greasy cream onto his hands before rubbing Trent’s shoulders. Slowly moving down his back, Trent then lay down on his stomach and said, “Now my legs please.”

Nathan was surprised at how much he was enjoying performing this little task, grateful to hear the murmurs of pleasure, guidance and encouragement from Trent as he went. When he had finished, Trent took the tube and instructed Nathan to lie down so he could return the favor. As Trent rubbed the sunscreen into Nathan’s shoulders and back, Nathan closed his eyes and become lost in the pleasurable feelings that Trent managed to engender.

This was more of a massage that an application of sunscreen, he thought to himself.

“Roll over. Let me do your front.”
Nathan froze. “I can’t,” he whispered, afraid of what would be so obvious when he rolled over. He felt his newly formed erection beginning to soften, grateful that he would be able to retain some of his dignity. Trent grabbed him by the shoulder and firmly rolled him onto his back as Nathan closed his eyes, knowing that his semi-erect cock would be clear for all to see.
“Oooh, someone’s enjoying themselves,” Trent said softly.
Nathan groaned and whispered, “I can’t help it. I’ve never been rubbed quite like this before.”
“It looks like you’d better get in the pool before the thought police come over and charge us with lewd behavior in a public place.”
Nathan didn’t need to be told twice and literally sprung into the cool clear water, swimming away from the edge before rolling onto his back and floating for a while. Eventually he returned to the edge of the pool and propelled himself upwards, his strong arms then lifting him clear of the water. Little did he know at that stage that as his bikini got wet, it became almost translucent. It was only the double layer of material over his crotch that afforded him any privacy protection whatsoever. The loose material clung to him, leaving very little to the imagination of anyone who might be paying attention. He heard a wolf whistle. “Hubba hubba. What are you doing later, honey? I’ll see you at Mardi Gras.”

Excerpt 2

Moments later, two women approached. One was obviously dominant, wearing figure hugging Jodhpurs and knee high boots topped off by a tailored white cotton and lace blouse, looking for all the world like she was about to go horse riding.  Her submissive partner was clad head to toe in shiny black latex. There was something about the way they held themselves or maybe it was the way they walked that made Nathan think he had seen them somewhere before. The dominant one greeted Trent and at the sound of her voice Nathan recognized her as Dominique and he assumed her slave was the same woman who had been at the pool with her some days beforehand. They exchanged a few words that Nathan didn’t get before Trent handed Nathan’s leash to Dominique’s slave.


photo 4

“Rose, take Master Trent’s stallion, whoops, I mean slave, over and place him in the web cage. He can hang around for a time while Master Trent and I catch up. You may keep him amused if you wish, but try not to damage him.

A squeal of delight escaped her lips as Rose bowed slightly. “Yes, Ma’am. Thank you.”

Trent looked at Nathan and could see the confusion in his eyes. Winking, he said, “Be good, slave. I will rescue you later, if I think you need rescuing. Do exactly as Rose tells you as if it was an instruction from me. Oh, and Nathan, make sure you unfailingly address her as Miss Rose.” He then turned back to Dominique as Nathan was led away. Rose took him over to a far corner of the club, turned to him and smiled.

“Don’t look so scared. I’m not going to hurt you, as much as I might like to. I’m Rose, Mistress Dominique’s slave.”

Nathan remained mute as he looked at her before turning back to look over at Trent. Rose realized what the problem was and giggled. “Don’t worry, you can talk with me,” she whispered.

Looking at her uncertainly, Nathan whispered, “Hello Miss Rose. I’m Nathan. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.”


Rose looked at him, a disdainful expression on her face. “I mean without your bikini on,” Nathan added quickly. “I mean…”

“I know what you mean, silly,” Rose replied with a smile.

Nathan was standing beside what appeared to be a pile of webbing straps, having no idea what they were for. “Stand on the platform in the middle of them,” Rose instructed when she saw him looking at them. He did as instructed and as she lifted them up Nathan saw that he was inside a webbing cage. Hooking the tops of the straps to a hook, Rose stepped over to an electric winch attached to the wall. She pressed a button and Nathan heard the almost silent whir of the winch before the webbing straps closed in around him, holding him closely before the platform lifted off the floor.

As it started to move, Rose stopped. Stepping back over to him she asked, “Did you ever play with the Chinese finger trap when you were young? You know, where you put your finger in each end and as you try to withdraw them, you find they are trapped by the weave as it pulls tight.”

“Yes, I did, actually.”

“Well now you are in a life size version of it. As I lift you, your own body weight works to pull down on the webbing straps, holding you securely inside. Even if I released your cuffs, you would still be trapped.” Her smile took on a sadistic look as she reached up and grasped his nipples between her fingers as she continued to look into his eyes. “My little captive. You are about to see just how sadistic I like to be and how little you can do to stop me,” she hissed as her fingers closed in harshly on his nipples and she twisted them cruelly.

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