From seduction to submission


From seduction to submission
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A confidant and independent professional and happily single, Natalie is stood up on a dinner date by one of her girlfriends only to have a handsome stranger, the mysterious Mr. James, offer to buy her dinner. She accepts his offer only to find herself both fascinated and repulsed by her dinner companion’s domination of the evening. Despite deciding she will have nothing further to do with him, she realizes that she is intrigued, and aroused, by what should be a simple business card. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she feels compelled to call him. She sees him again and is inexorably drawn in to a strange yet erotic world of bondage and discipline, exposing her to a whole new world she never knew existed.

Seemingly forced into situations that she would normally abhor, she feels unable to resist the pull of this charismatic but potentially damaging dominant. He slowly draws her into his highly charged web of submission and control...of pain and pleasure. Natalie finds that the more she learns, the more she craves as she discovers that power exchange and control can come from the most unexpected quarters.

Chapter 1

Natalie noticed him as soon as she entered the restaurant and bar in the Gas Lamp district of San Diego. He stood out from the others, not only because he was standing by himself and leaning on the bar, but also because of the black leather trousers and the form-fitting shirt he wore. The trousers looked like they had been tailor made for him, and they framed his butt so perfectly that Natalie did a double take before moving her eyes up over his back to his broad shoulders as she was being shown to her table. She followed the waitress around the island bar and was guided to a table against the window to await her old school friend, Katherine, who was dining with her.
Having grown up together in the Midwest in Northern Indiana, they had lost touch for a number of years after graduation as they moved in different directions to further their education and develop their careers. Being close during their formative years, they had learned a lot about boys and dating and all those things that teenage girls get up to in the insular world of small town America. Eventually, Natalie had located Katherine on a social media website and was surprised to find she was living in Los Angeles, so they wasted no time in arranging to get together for dinner.
Katherine sometimes visited San Diego in her job, so it was a simple thing to hook up during one of her trips and revisit old times. Although not wanting to show off, Natalie wanted to show her friend that she had worked hard to look after herself. The years had treated her kindly, so she had selected the proverbial little black dress to wear, just like they used to wear when they were out socializing at college. As she had slipped it down over her shoulders and breasts, she remembered the lovely feel of the material as it hugged her body. When she looked in the mirror, she realized that for a woman who had passed thirty, she still had it.

Having never married, Natalie enjoyed the life of a young professional. But as the years slipped by, she tired of the macho and overly competitive men she tended to deal with on a daily basis at the law firm where she worked. As a lawyer, she found the legal work challenging and enjoyable, but when she left work, she was generally happy to leave it and all the other lawyers behind. She knew she was every bit as good as any of her peers, but she tired of having to prove it over and over again.


As she was deciding what to order for dinner, the waitress approached her with a glass of white wine. Placing it on the table, she smiled and said, “Mr. James sends this wine with his compliments. He asked me to pass you this note.” Natalie looked up in surprise, taking the paper and glancing over to the handsome stranger at the bar. He was not looking her way.
“Who, pray tell, is Mr. James? Is he the man who is currently ignoring me; the man in the leather trousers with the butt to die for?”
“Ahh. You’ve noticed.” She smiled. “That’s him. He comes in here from time to time, and I’ve always found he has quite a commanding presence.” As she said it, she looked deeply into Natalie’s eyes wistfully. At that point, he looked over and caught Natalie’s eye and smiled briefly before looking away again. She felt her heart skip a beat.
Having had a range of love affairs over the years, she enjoyed the company of men and for a couple of years now had been thinking about settling down. She was aware of her biological clock, and she did not want to leave it too long before she started a family, assuming that was in her future. Becoming a lonely old spinster was not part of her game plan, if she even had a game plan, but so far Mr. Right had not entered her life.After about 20 minutes, and halfway through her second drink, her phone rang. She was dismayed to hear Katherine apologizing for having to cancel their dinner date at such short notice. She had been half way down the San Diego freeway when a family emergency had arisen, and she was needed at home to deal with it.  

After confirming that she was all right and the issue was not too traumatic, they made plans to reschedule. As Natalie hung up the phone, she decided that as she had gone to all this effort to come out tonight, she would make the most of it and dine here regardless. She knew the food was good and she would have no trouble amusing herself. She was quite used to eating alone and always carried a book in her handbag for such occasions.Opening the note she saw an elegant scrawl that read: ‘Lovely stranger in black, it appears that fate has led to us both being stood up by our dates this evening. I would be honored if you will allow me to join you and buy you dinner. Mr. James.’
Natalie wondered how he had worked out she had been stood up as she nonchalantly withdrew a pen from her handbag. She began her reply and found her hand was shaking a little, and she felt a little flushed. Few men had this effect on her, and she wondered what it was that caused it this evening.
She wrote: ‘Mr. James, thank you for your kind offer. I accept. Natalie.’ She handed it back to the waitress and said, “Please pass my reply to Mr. James.” Natalie resisted the urge to look over in his direction as the waitress left. She took a sip of the wine before returning to her book.
She sensed his presence before seeing him. Glancing sideways, the first thing she saw was his leather clad crotch. Startling slightly, she lifted her gaze to see him smiling down at her, holding his hand out in greeting. She was pleased with what she saw, realizing that he looked even better up close that he had when she had observed him over the bar. He was taller than she had realized, and she extended her hand in response.
He took it gently, bending at the waist and kissing the back of it before giving it a gentle squeeze, holding it a little longer than was necessary before releasing her. “I am pleased to meet you, Natalie.”
He spoke with an accent that she struggled a little to place. Waving him to the seat on the other side of her table, she was racking her brain. “Please have a seat, Mr. James.” As he took his seat she said, “So if James is your last name, what is your first?”
He smiled. “It is my first.”
Natalie registered surprise at that. “So how do you wish to be addressed?”
“Mr. James will be fine.”
She picked it. He had the unmistakable drawl of an Australian. “That is a little presumptuous, isn’t it?”
“Some see it that way. Others simply acquiesce to my wishes,” he said evenly, gazing into her eyes. He smiled, but for a split second she could sense steeliness behind the smile. It made her take notice and it gave her a little thrill at the same time. Subconsciously she squirmed a little in her seat, and then becoming aware of it, wondered if he noticed. “I like it when people acquiesce to my wishes,” he added.
That comment sent a little buzz through Natalie who was far more used to having people acquiesce to her wishes, at least in a professional context. As Natalie processed his last comment, the waitress appeared. Without even looking at the menu he said, “Marie, we will have the seafood platter appetizer for two and a bottle of your best Chablis. We shall order the main course a little later.”

Businessman Holding Ball Gag

“Is this always the way you treat your dinner dates?” she asked, shocked at his impertinence.
“Mostly,” he replied; the smile never leaving his face. As much as she tried to resist, Natalie found the combination of his accent and his smile remarkably disarming as she justified his behavior to herself. He was paying for the meal so she decided she could accept it as a one off occurrence.
“I guess you don’t get many second dates,” she said with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice.
He raised one eyebrow. “You might be surprised, Natalie. You might be surprised.” Again, and in spite of herself, Natalie felt a little thrill run through her. She hoped it didn’t show, but already she was beginning to think that he could see more in her than she could see in herself.
The waitress delivered the wine. He tasted it, announcing that it was fine.

She poured them both a glass before putting the bottle into an ice bucket.
“We will be sharing the appetizer so we will only need one set of cutlery, Marie. You may remove Natalie’s.” Now they both stared at him.
Marie recovered first and said, “Yes, sir. Will that be all for now?”
“Some herb bread for two, please. That will be all, for now.”
“Yes, sir.”
Natalie was too stunned to say anything directly but as Marie retreated, Natalie’s mouth was open and a few simple but garbled sounds were coming out. He turned back to her, raising his glass in a toast and waiting for her to respond. She did so automatically, her mouth still open with a shocked expression on her face. “To a lovely dinner with a beautiful stranger and to those who acquiesce,” he said, reaching over to touch her glass with his before taking a sip.
She found herself doing the same as her mind reeled. The chilled wine brought her back to her senses as her taste buds savored the fruity flavor.
He responded to the look on her face and said, “Don’t worry. You will eat from my fork. You may even eat first if that pleases you.”
Now the sheer fascination of what was taking place began to overwhelm Natalie. She still could not believe what was happening here but, like watching the proverbial impending train wreck, she had to stay to see what would happen next. There was no danger, she reasoned to herself. They were in a restaurant and this man was obviously known here, so she figured that she had nothing to fear. She looked at him as he was studying the wine in his glass, not quite knowing what to say. “So you like people who acquiesce to your desires?”
Ignoring her question he said, “You have impeccable taste in clothes. That dress looks stunning on you.” Then looking her in the eye once again, he said, “Well, acquiesce is such a strong term. I like people who respond to me because they want to do so. I can make it quite rewarding for them. I am confident you will understand what I mean in time. If you don’t, there is no harm done. We will just be two mature adults having shared an intimate dinner, and we will go our separate ways. That is assuming you can lift your chin back up from the table.” He reached over the table, and with his index finger, he gently lifted Natalie’s jaw back to where it was supposed to be. His gaze went back to his glass.
“Do you know that your arrogance is quite astounding? Who do you think you are?” Natalie’s voice was a little shrill.
His eyes never left his glass as he said evenly, “As I said in my introduction, I am Mr. James. What you see as arrogance, I see as confidence. You are under no obligation to remain here with me, but I have to say that I would be most disappointed if you left before we at least sample the appetizer. The food here is quite delicious.”
“You prick!” She could feel the blood rising in her face but she did not move. She was trying to justify why she was remaining in place, working the pros and cons through her mind. After struggling with her thoughts, she decided to stay to make the most of this food and wine. On one hand, she certainly found him both fascinating and attractive. On the other hand, she was shocked by his arrogance. What sort of person invites her to share a meal but then shows very little interest in her except, seemingly, to feed his own control fantasies? Again she could feel a strange excitement building inside her. She could not understand it, trying to quell it before it became obvious.
“Natalie. You are pouting and it is most unbecoming,” he admonished.
Their food arrived, which prevented Natalie from exploding as Marie set it down in the middle of the table. He didn’t say anything but simply acknowledged its arrival with a slight nod of his head. Both Natalie and Marie looked at each other, Marie smiling slightly and winking before she backed away without saying anything. The silence was deafening, and Natalie wanted to break it but she could not think of anything to say. This was certainly not like any dinner date she had attended before.
Shortly Mr. James skewered a shrimp with his fork, dipping it in the cocktail sauce and held it in front of Natalie’s mouth. She didn’t move. He said, “Take the prawn, Natalie. Savor the feeling of the meat in your mouth; taste the juices and the mix of flavors.” There was a huskiness to his voice, and she looked up from the prawn and into his eyes as she opened her mouth, lowered her eyes, and closed her lips around the offering.
“There. That wasn’t so hard, was it?”
“It is a shrimp; not a prawn,” she said icily.
“Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto. Where I come from, it is a prawn.” He was smiling as he selected a piece of calamari, dipping it into the tartare sauce and waited.
Was it her, she wondered, or was nearly everything he uttered simply dripping with sexual innuendo? And that damned accent...? She realized that her nipples had hardened, and she was thankful that she was sensible enough to have worn a bra, hoping they would not show. Somehow she was sure they would and that this arrogant bastard in front of her would see. Self-consciously she looked down to check which was an open invitation for him to follow her gaze. His expression softened a little but there was no other change. She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing would come out. What was happening to her? She knew there was a look of defeat on her face when she leaned forward, her mouth closing around the fork as she took the calamari on offer.
In spite of herself, she felt herself squirming in her seat once again, knowing she would find her panties damp when she checked them later. She was struggling to work out what was going on and struggling even more to understand why this treatment of her, which she would find quite abhorrent under normal circumstances, felt so exciting to her tonight. She sat awaiting the next morsel of food. He helped himself to a couple of pieces of seafood before returning his attention to Natalie with this behavior being repeated through the remainder of the meal. When the appetizer was finished, he ordered a main course; again with no consultation and so it went.
When it came time for dessert, he waved the waitress away, saying, “No dessert tonight Marie. There is plenty of time for dessert and it would be so naughty to overindulge.”
Again Natalie’s jaw dropped before she regained her self-control, excusing herself to go to the bathroom. When she stood, he stood as well, and as she walked away from the table she was repeating his words in her mind. It would be so naughty. There was nothing overt about that comment, she thought. Why did she find it so damned erotic? On reaching the bathroom, she found she was wetter than she had realized and more than a little flushed. Confused by her feelings, which she seemed to have little control over, she decided to close out her dinner date quickly and get away from this ‘Mr. James’.
On returning to the table, he stood as she approached, sitting down only when she did. She noted this overt display of old style manners which only served to remind her how rare it was to see such displays these days. She could not help but be impressed. She realized he had already paid the check, and there looked to be a sizable tip on the table. He then stood, smiled and said, “Thank you for being such a delightful dinner companion. I must take my leave.” He held out his hand, which she took and felt his firm hand envelop hers as he gently shook it before kissing the back of it like before.
“It has been an interesting experience Mr. James,” she replied. With his other hand he held out a business card which she took automatically without taking her eyes off his.
“Call me.” And he was gone.
She looked down at the burgundy colored card. In flowery black writing it simply stated his name and cell phone number, but what took Natalie’s interest, and made her heart skip a beat, was the small mask, a pair of dangling handcuffs and a riding crop taking up the left side of the card. She had no intention of calling him and very nearly screwed the card up and left it on the table, but almost without thinking, she threw it into her handbag.
On her way home, she ran the evening’s events through her mind. She could hardly believe the breathless arrogance of the man. There were a number of things that fascinated her: his looks; his smile; his obvious intelligence. She dug his card out of her hand bag and studied it once again before she crawled into bed, leaving it propped up against her bedside lamp. Turning
out the light, she could feel the tautness of her firm nipples as she laid there, one hand drifting down to her newly wet vulva. She held her hand over it, clamping her legs together with Mr. James on her mind, until sleep overtook her. Deep inside her subconscious, she knew she would not be able to resist making that call.For some reason that she could not put her finger on, she became bored with the men that she dated. So she tended to move on to the next one, usually after a few intense and sometimes torrid months.
Lately she was finding it harder and harder, as she built her career, to find the time to get out to the places where Mr. Right might be hiding. She was self-aware enough to realize that she would not necessarily be the easiest person to get along with, but she knew her perfect partner was out there somewhere. In the meantime, she savored what she saw, such as Mr. Hunk on the far side of the island bar.
As she took her seat, she glanced up and realized she could see him diagonally across from her on the other side of the bar. He looked to be about 40 she guessed, about 8 or 9 years older than her, with a boyish look about him. With a chiseled chin that was in perfect proportion to the rest of his face, he certainly cut an eye-catching figure. He had large sparkling eyes that
she thought were blue, but she was really too far away from him to tell for sure. Maybe she just wanted them to be blue as part of her ideal fantasy man.
She had been alone since her last break up, about 6 months before, and her imagination tended to run amok when she saw someone who might be of interest to her. His hair was relatively short and he was groomed in that messy, yet deliberately tousled way that made it look like he had just stepped out of his convertible. His face also had that look of a slight smirk that made him appear as if he was about to break into a smile at any moment. He was chatting with the barmaid who seemed to be spending more time with him than was necessary. Natalie doubted that he had even noticed her. Although he certainly gave her something to think about as she awaited the arrival of her friend.

Exerpt 1

After finishing dinner and her usual single glass of wine, she decided another glass was not unreasonable under the circumstances. As she sipped the second glass, she was feeling a little buzz. That’s when she decided she had to make the call. She had thought a lot about it and had run different scenarios through her mind. “We’ll see who controls the conversation this time,” she said to herself as she picked up the phone.
She made herself comfortable on her bed before dialing the cell phone number on the card. Her fingers were shaking as she sought out each button. Before the connection was made, she hit the off button and slammed the phone down onto the bed beside her. Why is he affecting her this way? Then she thought about it and she knew that he was not like most other men.
Taking a deep breath, she picked up the phone and hit redial, and this time she persevered. It rang a number of times, and just as she was about to hang up, it answered.


“Hello Natalie. I’m glad you called. I have been waiting.” She was confused. Firstly, she heard the Australian drawl but it was all part of a combination of words that she was not expecting to hear.
“H...Hello James…uh… Mr. James.”
“I am glad you were paying attention last night when I told you to call. I was beginning to think that I may have been reading you incorrectly.”
She could feel herself blushing. She retorted angrily as she tried desperately to get the upper hand, “And just how were you reading me, Mr. James?”
“I found you fascinating to be with. You are a beautiful woman and obviously intelligent. You look after yourself, and you looked great in that little black dress. You looked like someone who would rise to a bit of a challenge. Someone with a bit of fire in their belly. I like women like that. They impress me.”

Just as her defenses were under attack, and she was trying valiantly to maintain her anger, he finished with that. “So I impress you!” she almost spat.
“As a matter of fact, you do.” Listening to his voice she could picture him sitting across from her with that half smile and the somewhat detached look. “It is not often that I meet someone with as much spirit as you. So much so, that I would like to see you again. Tomorrow at my place for supper. Please be here at 8pm. I will text you the address.” The phone went dead.
“What… wait… Aarrrrgggghh!” she almost screamed as she slammed the phone down again. She could almost feel her blood boiling at the way she had just been treated. The arrogance- the prick! As she lay there slowly regaining her composure, once again she realized her nipples were hard, and she was feeling the familiar stirrings between her legs as she clenched them together. Just as she had decided that she was not going to be one of Mr. James’ conquests, there was the trill of her phone telling her she had received a text. She stared at the phone for a full minute before snatching it up and looking at the message.


Exerpt 2

Finally, he broke the kiss and whispered in her ear, “Thank you for coming.” Then breaking the embrace he slipped a finger through the D-ring on her collar, and she felt herself being pulled over towards the table in the living room. The forcefulness of what he was doing, combined with the realization of how quickly he had rendered her helpless, sent an immediate thrill through her whole body, and she felt her nipples hardening. He sat on one of the dining chairs, leaving Natalie standing in front of him. She was looking down and he met her gaze.

“Spread your legs for me, Natalie.”


Blind Dominatrix Girl

The simple instruction sent a shiver of excitement through her. He was increasing her vulnerability without overtly exposing her flesh. She knew she would be wet if he put his hand in there and as much as she prayed he wouldn’t, in a perverse sort of way she wanted him to see and feel the effect he was having on her.

“I am so glad you decided to wear my collar. It suits you,” he said, smiling.

“I wasn’t… ah… didn’t… I was unsure…I am unsure… Sir.”

“Don’t worry. We will discuss it later.”
“Natalie, when we were leaving the Hyatt the other night, I saw you pouting in the back seat of the taxi just after I had told you not to touch yourself until we met again.”

This time a small shiver of fear, tinged with excitement, ran through her. She did not respond.

“I am going to spank you for that.”

Natalie was waiting for him to take her through to his dungeon. Instead, he stood again and simply grasped the ring in her collar and pulled her around to one side. Then as he sat down he pulled her down with him and then kept her going until she was across his knees. She could do little to protect herself as she was unceremoniously placed, head down with her butt up. With one hand, he grasped her cuffed hands and pushed them further up her back. This had the effect of keeping her head down while at the same time keeping her whole butt area clear.

It also put her arms in such a position that it was very difficult for her to move. With his other hand, he lifted her skirt, exposing her taut butt which was so beautifully wrapped in her satin and lace panties.

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  • Pamela says:

    I enjoyed reading about Natalie’s journey into submission. Your writing kept me glued to the pages. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. This really is the stuff fantasies are made of!

  • R. R. says:

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed this story and there is now a sequel available that hopefully you will find equally enjoyable.
    If you like my style of writing, I hope you take the opportunity to look at some of my other stories, hopefully continuing to provide other fantasy material for you. I encourage all my readers to let me know their thoughts because its only through feedback like this that authors like me can improve.

  • Pamela says:

    I read the sequel and yes, it was every bit the fantasy the first was. Natalie is the perfect fantasy slave-obedient and accepting of every command without question. And Mr James? Never puts a foot out of place. Ah, to be able to live such a perfect life.

    Do you, or any of your readers, have real time, sage advice for someone who wants the fantasy, but knows there must be real time, real person stuff that creeps in to spoil the fantasy? What then?

    Enjoyed Natalie and James’s story

    • R. R. says:

      Thank you for your lovely feedback Pamela. It is always great to hear from a satisfied fan.

      Without making everything hinge on specific labels, and admittedly with the benefit of hindsight, Natalie is not really a slave at all. She chooses to see herself as a slave as she submits to Master James willingly but she can always call a halt to things – and I think that is a crucial point. She is a submissive who chooses to give herself to the man she calls her Master but she still has free will.

      Without formalizing timings, Natalie submits to Master James at specific times and in specific places. He doesn’t control her very being, not does he even want to. In doing what they do, they both have the best of both worlds. They can live out their fantasies a step at a time, coming back to reality at the end of each period – noting that a period may consist of a couple of hours or it may consist of days on end.

      I think that negotiation, or the authority for her to negotiate how and when she will submit to James is what keeps their particular relationship healthy.

      It will be interesting to see what other readers may think about this. Don’t be shy. Tell us how your particular Dom/sub/slave relationship works.

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