Laura’s Longing – Jessica Brand

Laura, an all American mid-western girl from Nebraska receives a shock from her long time boyfriend and eventually decides she needs to leave town and experience the big city. Moving to Denver, she moved in with a somewhat mysterious house mate, Amanda. It's not long before she discovers things about Amanda and her friends that both shock her and fascinate her in equal amounts and she decides she needs to find out more about them.

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Chapter 1

As he silently moved up on her from behind, Brandon wrapped his arms around Laura's slender waist; he pulled her back against him and held her tight. She closed her eyes and smiled, her head tilting back as her body made the most of his warm embrace. She loved him more now that she had when as awkward fifteen-year-olds they had first explored each other, inexperienced and naïve as they were at the time.

Brandon had been the captain of the junior football team, the quintessential bad boy, never destined to go far unless his natural skills landed him a sports scholarship in a college somewhere. Laura was the lead junior cheerleader, intelligent with a natural beauty. Both attributes combined to ensure she had a bright future doing whatever she chose.

Laura's one failing, in the eyes of some in this small Nebraskan town, was that she fell for the bad boy and their relationship blossomed. Now, over three years later, they were still going strong although some cracks had begun to appear in their relationship. Laura had insisted she would marry as a virgin and Brandon had made it his mission to convince her to break that vow. What he didn't know as he weaved his magic on her this evening was just how close he was to achieving his goal.
Laura had grown up on a farm where her father worked from dawn until dusk and then some. Her parents were not as strict as others in the community, but the old adage of 'Spare the rod – spoil the child' was commonly heard and Laura's father was an adherent to the rule. Laura believed that he was strict but fair, but that his idea of discipline had not come into the enlightened 21st century.

Right up until her early teens, it was not unheard of for Laura to find herself unceremoniously drawn over his knee for a sound spanking. His only concession was that he used his hand rather than the cane although there was always a cane in full view to serve as a warning to her if she decided to mount too much resistance. Her only right to maintaining her dignity was that he left her panties in place as he spanked her. It was pure old school discipline at its best – or worst depending on one's point of view and although she did not enjoy it, somewhere deep down inside her she knew she needed it.
Her parents had never approved of Brandon, but they firmly believed they had brought their daughter up with upstanding moral values and she would remain chaste until she was married. While she fully intended to do exactly that, their make out sessions gradually became hotter and heavier over time and she was on the verge of surrendering her virginity to her long-term boyfriend. The breaking down of her defense was probably as much in protest against the authoritarianism of her father as much as it was about how Brandon made her feel.
As Brandon nibbled on her neck before lightly licking and kissing his way down to her shoulders, she turned her head. Her eyes were closed as he lifted his head, his lips seeking hers as he kissed her, just the way she had taught him. Her warm lips opened and his tongue slipped inside, exploring her as if it had never been there before. As her body was warming to his touch, his hands slid up her stomach to cup her breasts. Holding them as his tongue continued working its magic, a soft moan of pleasure found its way past her lips. His thumbs softly brushed her nipples and it wasn't long before he could feel them harden up and push against the thick material of her bra.
As he continued to play with her, she could feel his hardness pushing against her soft butt. His cock, seemingly with a mind of its own was held frustratingly inside his pants as his excitement built. He rubbed it against her, exacting as much pleasure from his gyrations as he could. "Oh baby, just think how good this would feel if it was inside you. I could make you so happy."
"I know you could, stud, but it will have to wait."
"But I can feel your excitement. I know you want it as much as I do."
"Oh Bran, I just can't. You know that."
While he listened, one hand had slipped down and was undid the waist button on her jeans and eased the zipper down. It then slipped inside her jeans and cupped her vulva outside her panties as he continued to grind himself against her butt. She groaned, making her displeasure clear before he kissed her again. Her hand came down and clamped over the top of his from outside her jeans. Tellingly, she didn't try to remove his; she simply held it there to stop it from moving.
As he continued to kiss her passionately, his other hand had slipped inside her top and was teasing her nipples gently but insistently. She moaned with pleasure and he felt her hand begin to guide his, moving it slowly around her labia and rubbing it up and down between her lips as she moved her hips to excite him further. Her free hand then reached around and grabbed him firmly through his pants. This time it was his turn to moan with pleasure. "Oh yes, baby. That's it. It feels so good." She knew what he enjoyed so she released his cock and unzipped his pants, dexterously reaching inside and pulling his swollen member free so she could continue to play with it.
"Come on baby. I can feel how hot you are," he growled as he slipped his hand inside the waistband of her panties, his long middle finger slipping straight down between her slick lips and entering her vagina. She opened her legs wider and squatted slightly to give him greater access, nearly delirious with both pleasure and desire.
Withdrawing both hands, he took the waist of her tight jeans and began trying to force them down her milky thighs. His cock remained ramrod straight, desperately in need of further stimulation. She brought her legs together and allowed him to get them down around her ankles before she stopped him. He was just about beside himself.
"Well what about taking it in your mouth. All the girls do and it means that you maintain your virginity. Come on baby. It will feel great."
Laura had heard this plea many times before. "Sure baby. Why don't we turn around and you can do me with your mouth while I take care of Mr. Woody."
She felt his whole body tense up. "You know I can't do that to you baby. I'd love to. You know that. But it's just that it's… it's…"
"It's just that it's good for me to suck your dick but not for you to get your mouth down there to please me. If the guys got wind of it, they might think you're a pussy. Is that it?" Laura was angry at the double standard.
She shook herself free and pulled up her jeans. "Sometimes I think you need to grow up, Brandon Jones."
"Well, sometimes I think you should grow up, Laura Bradley."
"Good comeback. Not big on original thought, are you, especially when your little head is driving your big head?"
"Oh fuck you!"
"You'd like to but it ain't gonna happen as long as you have an attitude like that."
She stormed out of the old barn that had become their favorite rendezvous point. Walking quickly down a dirt track, she turned and headed into the cornfield next to the barn. As she turned, Brandon went past her in his old pickup truck, the engine screaming as he accelerated towards the road. She didn't even turn as he hit the black top, tires squealing in protest as he struggled to control the vehicle as it fishtailed down the road.
She walked and walked, going through the scene in the barn over and over again. Then reflecting on their past relationship, she smiled, remembering when he inelegantly pawed her with youthful determination in the early days before she gradually allowed him a little latitude. As he begged her for more, he reminded her of a little puppy. She had fended him off generally but allowed him just enough latitude to maintain his interest.
He needed little guidance on where to touch her, but she taught him how to touch her and she taught him how to kiss. She had practiced kissing with her best friend in that innocent exploration that teenage girls do. She had learned what she liked and didn't like in the comfortable presence of someone she could trust and open up to. Taking great delight in forcing her tongue deep into his mouth and exploring it before encouraging him to reciprocate, she gave him small rewards when he responded well. His hard penis was nearly always obvious and she would rub it through his pants, teasing him and telling him how good it felt.
One night when they were sixteen she had rubbed him a little more intensely than usual and she felt his whole body stiffen as he groaned audibly. He looked at her and blushed before making a feeble excuse and leaving in a rush. She was left frustrated and confused, not knowing what had just happened. They never discussed it again although she finally learned the truth after describing it to her best friend, Frankie. She explained to Laura what had happened and boy, wasn't Laura surprised-and in awe-at the power she had over him.
Laura expected she would eventually marry him and remain in the county, as nearly all the locals did. She knew very little of life outside her little pocket of the Midwest. The furthest she had travelled was to Denver when she was about seven years old. Although she sometimes dreamed of life outside their small Midwestern town with a career as well as a husband and children, her dreams were far removed from the reality of her upbringing. Although the sins of the flesh were preached about every Sunday at the local church service, she began to think she was the only one listening to the preacher. By the time she was approaching eighteen, she could no longer work out why she was denying herself the pleasures that most of her friends were enjoying. She decided to do something about it.
The longer she walked and the more she thought about their fight the more senseless it seemed to be. Secretly she had already decided to give herself to Brandon, but she had wanted to pick the time and place and make it special, as special as she always dreamed the losing of her virginity would be. She was one of the few girls in town who had held out to the idea of virginity upon marriage and as time went by she had questioned the sense of it. The more she thought about it, the less sense it made in the twenty-first century although she knew that her hometown was still sitting firmly in the twentieth century and had some time before it would move on. She had already made some of the preparations and as her anger dissipated, she decided she would bring her plan forward.
Laura was wide-awake before she heard the click of her clock radio as it switched onto her favorite classical music station. She hadn’t slept very well, consumed by the thought of what she was going to do today. She had been planning for this for months-ever since she turned eighteen. Her recent fight with Brandon simply brought it forward a little. Today she was going to become a woman, a real woman, as she consummated her love for the boy she had been committed to for so long.
Deciding to treat herself to some nice lingerie to celebrate her special occasion, she had saved for months before sending away for a set consisting of a white, satin and lace peek-a-boo bra with matching panties from a catalogue she had borrowed from Frankie. Frankie, or Francesca to use her full name, was more worldly wise and experienced than Laura. They had been best friends since grade school and had very few secrets from each other. Together they had explored their emerging sexuality as their bodies matured, their minds struggling to keep up.
Laura had been checking the mailbox every day, determined to keep her package secret. There would be far too many awkward questions if her parents found out what she was up to and although it had been a long time since she had gone across her father's knee, she didn't want to give him any reason to put her back there now.
By this point, Brandon knew what sort of underwear she wore having seen it many times and felt it more times than she cared to remember. She now wanted to show him that it had all been worth the wait. When the package had arrived, she raced straight into her bedroom and tried on her new lingerie. Looking at herself in the mirror, she held her full breasts up, admiring the cleft between them. Turning each way and checking her profile, she was proud of her youthful shape. While experiencing many of the self-doubts that most teenage girls harbor, her training as a cheerleader had kept her body in a shape she could be proud of. She then hid it away, awaiting the day when she would carefully and deliberately wear it with the specific intention of having Brandon remove it and take her.
Today was the day and she took great care to prepare herself. It was Saturday and after finishing her morning chores, she took a leisurely bath before doing her hair and applying just enough of Brandon's favorite perfume to drive him wild. Having already laid her lingerie out on her bed, she carefully slid into her panties, luxuriating in the feeling as they slid easily up her milky thighs and over her tight buns. Looking at herself in the mirror, she turned sideways and playfully slapped herself on the butt. She then donned the bra and had a final look.
Happy with what she saw, she pulled on her tightest pair of blue jeans, the ones she knew Brandon loved. Finishing it off with a low cut white top and her newest boots, she knew she looked hot. If she wore this outfit into town, she would have men hitting on her relentlessly although if they knew she was Brandon's girl, very few would even have the gall to get past first base.
After confirming there were two sealed condoms in her purse, she got into her trusty old car and drove slowly over towards Brandon's. Seeing his truck in the drive, she parked further down the street so as not to advertise her presence although she had no doubt that someone would see her and the word would get around town pretty quickly. Walking confidently back along the street to Brandon's, she paused at the front gate. Expecting him to be kicking back in his living room and watching the football game, she had already decided to sneak in the back door and surprise him. Taking a deep breath, she crept down the drive and around to the kitchen door.
Opening the screen door silently, she slowly turned the door handle and slowly eased it open. What she saw in that kitchen her took her breath away. There in front of her was an obviously young male, naked except for his jeans and underwear down around his ankles. He was thrusting himself between the ass cheeks of another naked body that was draped face down across the kitchen table. As she watched in morbid fascination, the realization hit her that it was Brandon and she was unable to stifle a squeal.
Hearing her, he withdrew in alarm and turned to see his long-time girlfriend with a look of unmitigated horror on her face. With his hard penis flying about, he desperately tried to pull his jeans up and move towards her simultaneously, but ended up tripping over his pants and splaying unceremoniously onto the kitchen floor. He yelped in pain as he landed face first with his body following, crushing his hard cock downwards on the unforgiving boards. The target of his lust had stood up and turned to see what was happening. Writhing in ecstasy when Laura arrived, she had not heard the initial squeal and was struggling to comprehend what was happening. When she saw Laura's face her hand went up to her mouth in shock as Laura screamed at her. "Mary Lou – you slut!"
Mary Lou ran off towards the living room, her breasts jiggling wildly as she ran. Subconsciously, she reached around with one hand to cover her butt as if it would restore some modesty after having been caught in flagrante delicto.
Laura turned and ran. The last thing she heard before turning onto the street was the pain-filled voice of Brandon calling out, "Laura. Honey. Come back. It's not what you think."
As she ran she could feel the hot tears running freely down her cheeks, the vision of Brandon and Mary Lou Brown seared into her brain. She got into her car and with the engine roaring, tires squealing, she slid sideways around the corner, trying to get as much distance between her and Brandon in the least possible time. With no idea where she was going, she just drove, hardly seeing the road through her stream of tears as she continued to sob uncontrollably.


Exerpt 1

In one fluid movement, Noah slid his chair back, turning slightly before bringing his knees together. He then reached over and effortlessly lifted Laura off the floor before placing her over them. Before she knew it her head was down and his hand was holding both of hers in a vise like grip against her back. His free hand flipped her short skirt up and he held it underneath her own hands. With her panties exposed and her taut butt facing upwards, her feet barely touched the floor as she gasped in surprise at how easily he had achieved his aim.

The first two blows came as more of a surprise as they crashed down upon her cheeks and she grunted at the unexpected onslaught. There was a pause before he continued to spank her, alternating between cheeks. She was surprised to find the ongoing spanks were not as hard as the first ones and she actually found them quite pleasurable. Continuing, he delivered at least a dozen to each cheek before pausing and gently rubbing her butt with his spanking hand, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Laura. 


Sexy Girl From Behind In Handcuffs

As he caressed her butt, she tested her range of movement and found it was very limited. Her feet were not secured and were free to move as she saw fit but with his strong hand holding her arms imprisoned against her back, she had little other movement available to her. Just as she was getting her thoughts together coherently, the spanking started again. This time it was a little harder than before and he impacted her in a different spot each time, gradually working his hands all over her ample butt cheeks. He watched as the skin beyond her panty line was turning a delightful shade of pink and when he paused again he could feel the warmth emanating from her skin.

Drawing her panties up into the crease of her buttocks, he then continued with his hand again. By this time Laura was beginning to squirm against his leather clad thighs as the intensity got to her. Each swat reverberated through her whole pelvic region. In a reflex action her feet were beginning to move with each swat.

As much as she tried to prevent it, she found she couldn't and she didn't realize that in the process of responding to his spanks, she had slowly opened her legs. This time when he paused to caress her, his fingers drifted between her legs. With her panties pulled tightly over her vulva, she felt his fingers brush ever so lightly along her labia. She knew she was literally dripping wet in her arousal but she no longer cared.

As he drew his hand back once again, Laura found herself thrusting her butt up, trying to get him to slip his hand back between her legs, trying desperately to draw further pleasure from this punishment. Was it a punishment? Laura was now beginning to have an understanding of what Amanda was going through on that fateful night. Although there was no real comparison in intensity, she found herself wanting him to stop but at the same time desperately praying he would continue. This wasn't about punishing – this was about pleasure – pain and pleasure.

This time the intensity increased noticeably. He would deliver three harder swats to each cheek before pausing and then doing the same to the other. Her legs were now flailing regularly and a mixture of grunts and squeals were escaping her lips, morphing rapidly into moans of pleasure each time he paused and caressed her. Whenever his fingers slipped between her legs she was humping herself against him, frustrated that he was not giving her the relief she sought.

Laura was confused. Her only experience in the past had been to have Brandon begging her to let him in. Her experience correlated pretty closely with the stories her girlfriends had told but here she was, stretched out over the knees of this leather clad Adonis and although she was thrusting herself at him, he refused to take the bait. This was not what she had expected at all.

Just when she thought she could take no more, her brain reeling as she fought against the urge to scream the word that would stop him, his hand loosened on her back and her arms were freed. At the same time the spanking ceased and he slid her back down onto the floor on her knees. She knelt with her knees spread, hair disheveled, her head hanging limply, her eyes closed, no longer caring how she looked as her burning butt consumed her thoughts.

Reaching down, Noah slipped his hand inside the waistband of her panties and easily inserted two fingers deep inside her welcoming sex. As he clamped his hand up against her clit, he jerked it a couple of times, just firmly enough to remind her who was in charge, not that there was ever any doubt. Her head flung back and she opened her eyes, staring into his as she bore down upon his hand. "Oh, yes," she hissed. "Yes, yes, yes – don't stop."

Exerpt 2

Fruitlessly trying to keep her hands steady, she read the note, silently cursing her body for reacting of its own accord to the words she read.


By now you will have seen the items on the bed. You should study them closely before fitting them as you will reach a point of no return. If you get it wrong, there is no going back and we will not proceed. Near the foot of the bed, you will see two leather ankle cuffs. You are to fit them around your ankles, buckling them up as firmly as you can.

Above that you will see a latex thong. You should need no guidance on how to don it; however, you should ensure your bikini line is trimmed properly. Pubic hair bulging from a thong is not a good look and in fact I would find you much more presentable of you were cleanly shaved. 

Above that you will see a latex peek-a-boo bra. Once again you should need no instruction on how to wear it but you may need to sprinkle talcum powder on the inside of it to be able to position it correctly.

Above that you will see a pair of steel handcuffs. Once these are locked around your wrists, they cannot be removed until someone appears with a key. Note: These should be fitted last of all with your wrists behind your back.

Above the cuffs is a leather collar. It should fit comfortably around your neck. Only buckle it up so that it remains comfortable. Choking on your collar would break the spell and possibly result in an unwelcome and difficult to explain visit from the EMT.

The final item is the blindfold. This should require no further explanation.

In order, the items should be fitted in the following sequence: 1. Thong 2.Bra 3. Ankle cuffs 4. Collar 5. Blindfold 6. Handcuffs.

Warning: Be very careful with the handcuffs. It might be a good idea to fit them to one wrist just before you kneel in place and fit the blindfold.

You are to be waiting on your knees just inside your bedroom at 8:00 sharp. I will dispatch Amanda to come for you and deliver you to me.

Master Noah


Young beautiful women playing in slave. Studio shot

Working the bra around, she pulled the latex down over her breasts and positioned them as best she could. The only way she could get her nipples and areola centered in the holes was to grasp them in her fingers and work the latex around. This caused them to harden up as the latex hugged her breasts. Subconsciously she slipped her hand between her legs to discover her thong was now sliding freely around her labia but as much as she wanted to continue stimulating herself, she withdrew her hand. There would be plenty of time for that later. At least she hoped so.
The ankle cuffs came next and she quickly wrapped them around each ankle, cinching them up as tightly as she could, noting she had less than fifteen minutes to go. The collar came next and she had already experienced the look and feel of it so she didn't dwell on it for long. Time was now passing faster than she would like, especially after the way her afternoon had dragged after having received the note. She gave herself one last look in the mirror, fascinated by how she looked but even more interested in how she felt – nervous. As she picked up the blindfold and the handcuffs and knelt on the floor, she was shaking markedly and it was not due to the cold.

Slipping the cold steel cuff over one wrist, she hesitated before closing the top, hearing the first click and knowing the wrist was trapped. She kept squeezing, another click and then another as the steel closed down upon her sensitive skin. Her heart was now beating wildly as she turned to look at her bedside clock. Three minutes to go. After working out how she would secure the second cuff and checking around to make sure everything else was in place, she pulled the blindfold down over her eyes. Yup. Blind as a bat.

Now was the moment of truth. Was she willing to lock herself into the last cuff, effectively trapping herself completely and allowing her helpless body to be used by Noah? Putting both hands behind her, she fumbled with the cuffs. Finally she had her second wrist in and with no further thought she flipped the top over and heard the ratchet click as the cuff locked in place. Not realizing she had been holding her breath, she finally exhaled before sucking in a lungful of fresh air. At the same time she felt a gush of excitement and she knew her latex thong would be making her arousal obvious as soon as he touched her. Even if he missed that, her hard, sensitive nipples would give it away as her bra kept them squeezed into a constant state of arousal.
Concentrating on her breathing to stem her rising panic, she wondered if she had done the right thing. What if Amanda did not show? How would she escape? How would she call for help? Could she live with the humiliation of others seeing her like this?

The door handle slowly turned followed by a squeak from the hinges as it was eased opened. She waited. Who was there? Who was looking at her in her self-imposed captive state? Was it only Amanda? Why didn't she say something – let Laura know she was there – tell her that she was safe?

There was the barest of touch on each nipple. Laura flinched, gasping in shock and pulled back. As she moved she realized how little movement she had with her hands locked in place as they were. She had no way of protecting her exposed and excited nipples as they poked pertly out of the latex that supported them. Her nose picked up a faint scent. Having no idea how she knew, she was nonetheless sure it was a female scent. It is supposed to be Amanda. It must be Amanda. Say something! Then the fingers closed gently on her nipples. The fingers were feminine and they teased her, softly exploring. Again there was a flush of excitement inside her latex thong.

She moaned softly, thrusting her chest forward, seeking more, yearning for more contact. A touch of her collar and her head was jerked sharply forward. Her ear sensed the hot breath before the words registered. "Oh, yes. Master Noah is going to be pleased to have you helpless in his dungeon, available to take whatever it is he feels you deserve." It was Amanda whispering in her ear and as relieved as Laura felt, she was also full of trepidation. She knew exactly what Amanda was capable of. Laura remained motionless.

"Are you ready to enter his domain, Laura? Are you ready to submit?"

Her heart racing, Laura's throat felt dry as she considered her response. She could feel the tension on her collar, sensing that Amanda was looking down upon her helpless form. Slowly she nodded. "Y… yes… oh god yes," she croaked.

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