Spanking Jade

ATTENTION: Released on 19 April 2016

She understood the navy had dispensed with rum, sodomy and the lash, but nobody had mentioned a good, bare-bottomed spanking.

As a child, life for Jade was good until a family tragedy changes her forever. Despite the best efforts of her mother to keep her in line, Jade’s future looked increasingly grim.

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Head strong and wild, she eventually found herself on the wrong side of the law. A prosecutor who sees a glimmer of potential delivers her an ultimatum—she could go to jail or she could join the navy. A few short months later she has graduated from recruit school and looks forward to joining her first ship.

Despite the best of intentions, it isn’t long before she finds herself on the wrong side of the naval discipline system.  Facing another choice—be discharged or agree to a course of discipline—she experiences the first of many somewhat unorthodox and definitely unauthorized punishments designed to bring her into line. What she’d never expected is that the unintentional consequences of those punishments also bring her to life.

The pain and humiliation of baring her body in front of others and being soundly spanked becomes something she craves. The day she sees one of the handsome young officers from her ship emerge from her place of punishment, her imagination works overtime. Why was he there? How could she get to know him?

They end up drawn together in a number of unintended ways and she finds herself falling hopelessly in love. Will he return her love and will he be able to deliver the discipline she can no longer live without?



Exerpt 1

Jade was brought out of the holding cells in handcuffs, led by a young police officer who looked only marginally older than her. With her arms out in front as he firmly held the joining link, she could do nothing to protect her dignity and to her it felt like a parade of the damned. When she saw her mother and step father, she looked away belligerently and they followed silently into the prosecutor’s office. Her escorting officer stopped her just in front of the prosecutor’s large desk and she stood silently, her head bowed.

The prosecutor spoke. “Jade Franklin,” he said in a somber tone. Jade didn’t respond. “Jade, it is customary to look someone in the eye when they are addressing you. You are skating on very thin ice at the moment and I have a good mind to simply remand you in custody and draw up charges for you to face in court.”

She looked up. The defiance in her face was still clear but it was tinged with fear as the gravity of the situation finally sunk in. “I’m… I’m sorry, Sir.” As she spoke she held her hands out and looked down at the cuffs before looking back at the prosecutor. No words were required as her eyes conveyed her plea for them to be removed.

“Yes, Miss Franklin. They’re handcuffs. They are used to control criminals and recalcitrant girls. They will remain in place until I order otherwise, just so that you know who is in charge here. You do know who’s in charge here, don’t you?”

Jade had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom and she clenched her legs together tightly, her body squirming slightly as she looked him in the eye. “Yes, Sir. You are,” she replied softly and she felt a little gush of fluid.

“Now, Miss Franklin, You have a choice to make here. I’m only offering you this because I can see a glimmer of hope in there. I’m aware of your background but you come from a good family and despite all the love they’ve provided you, you have used it and abused it. If you front court, it will be an adult court and you will be remanded to the local female prisoner remand center. If found guilty you will be sent to an adult prison. Have you ever been inside the women’s remand section of the local prison?”

“No, Sir.”

“They would love you in there. Fresh meat, Miss Franklin. You’d be someone’s bitch inside five minutes. Do you want to be some rough dyke’s bitch, used and abused until you don’t know what day it is?”

Tears ran freely down Jade’s freckled cheeks and onto the floor. “N… no, Sir,” she sniffed.

“Then you can return to the holding cells and wait to be processed or you can take this paperwork, fill it out and allow your life to take a new direction.” He reached over and held out some forms which she took in her cuffed hands. Looking down at them she read, Application to enlist in the Royal Australian Navy.

“What’s you decision, Miss Franklin?”

She looked back up at him. “Do… do I have any time to think about this, Sir.”

“Sure you do. You have all the time in the world.” The prosecutor looked over to the police officer. “Officer, take the prisoner back to the holding cells so she can consider her future.”

The police officer grabbed the link between Jade’s cuffs and as her pulled her helplessly around to return to the cells, she blurted, “Sir, please, the Navy. I’ll join the Navy. Please. Don’t take me back to the cells, please.”

Exerpt 2

One of the most difficult aspects of living aboard a naval ship was the lack of privacy. Seeing others in the mess either naked or in various states of undress was normal and if you had nothing to hide, it was not a problem. In the case of Jade donning her corset, it could be problematic but she developed a strategy that she was confident would work.

When the time came she slipped it inside her uniform and slipped the panties into her pocket. She then made her way to the bathroom, the heads as they were known, and locked herself in a cubicle. This was the closest thing to privacy she was going to get and she removed her uniform top. It took a number of attempts to get the fit correct because she had no one to help lace her into it but eventually she had them adjusted such that she could breathe in and do up the clips. She loved the feel of the unforgiving stays as they shaped her body, giving her the classic hour glass figure they were famous for.

By the time she had the panties in place and her uniform back on, she was already aroused. Perspiring slightly, she wasn’t sure if it was because of her efforts or because of her nerves, figuring it was probably a combination of both. As she headed down towards the bedding store she was hyper vigilant. Every time she saw someone she wondered if they were watching her or were going to follow her. Opening the door she stepped inside, turned back to close and ensure it was locked. Finally she switched on the light and turned around.

The small desk was covered with a blanket. Sitting in the middle was a polished wooden box. It was about eighteen inches square by her estimation and stood about six inches high. On top of it was an envelope with her name upon it, handwritten in a flowing script. Below her name she saw: Remove your uniform before opening this. Follow the instructions very carefully and to the letter. Failure to complete the instructions correctly will result in a punishment to be determined by the degree of your infraction. It will not be a punishment you will enjoy! Just the tone of the writing was enough to make her hand tremble but at the same time she felt a small rush of excitement and subconsciously squeezed her thighs together, knowing what the feeling signified.

She looked around nervously, half expecting to see someone watching her but the store was empty. She removed her boots and socks, placing them to one side of the desk. Then, taking a deep breath she began undoing the buttons on her uniform shirt before removing it and peeling off her t-shirt, folding them neatly and placing them atop her boots. Then removing her pants and doing the same, she looked back at the envelope.

Carefully opening it she read through the instructions once before slowly opening the box to inspect the contents, lifting each item out of the box and examining it closely before putting it down on the desk. When she had satisfied herself that everything was there, she picked up the first item, a leather collar. Slipping it around her neck she buckled it up until it was snug but comfortable, sliding the buckle around behind her neck and leaving the large chrome ring showing at her throat. Then, laying another blanket on the deck, she laid out the remaining items on the blanket before closing the box.

Turning away from the desk and facing the door, she knelt in place and picked up the ball gag. She had been gagged before and knew what to expect however nothing could quite prepare her for the impact of fitting these items to herself.  She was complicit in her own surrender, her own immobilization. She pushed the ball into her mouth and closed her lips around it before joining the straps behind her head and buckling them together. Then came the handcuffs, the shiny steel locking cuffs joined together by a short length of chain. Closing the cold steel over one of her wrists, she squeezed the cuff, listening to the clicking of the ratchet lock as it imprisoned her wrist.

Blind Dominatrix GirlLeaving the remaining cuff swinging freely, she picked up the blindfold and slipped it over her head, carefully positioning it so that the padded eye patches pressed gently against her eyelids, holding them closed. Finally she put her hands behind her back and blindly felt around to fit the remaining cuff to her free wrist, knowing that as soon as the lock clicked once, there was no way out.

Mentally going back over the list once again, she was satisfied she had followed the instructions to the letter and she finally managed to get the cuff around her wrist and she heard the first click. That was the sign for her body to respond of its own accord. Her nipples were now hard little buds and she knew she was already wet. Closing the cuff until it was firm against her wrist, she sat back onto her heels and waited.

She could feel the slight movement of the ship and hear the faint hum of the air-conditioning as they made their way through the South China Sea. As she waited, she wondered what everyone else onboard was doing at that moment and whether anyone would be missing her. There was at least one other person who knew where she was and now she could do little except await her deliverance.

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