Reluctant submission – Educating Meredith


Reluctant submission: Educating Meredith
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Meet Meredith, the despotic, man-hating but successful CEO of Danforth Enterprises. Her employees work harder at avoiding her than they do most anything else. However, her long-suffering PA, Penelope simply cannot avoid her wrath. Enter the enigmatic Damien Franks, contracted by Penelope to renovate her boss’s executive bathroom. Damien has other skills and Penelope knows what they are.Taking pity on Penelope, and finding the feisty CEO strangely attractive albeit challenging, he sets out to tame the beast that is Miss Meredith Smythe.

The renovation of Miss Smythe will require every skill and all the patience this accomplished Dominant possesses. But, with the help of a friend, and a few tools of the trade, Damien is confident that he can bring out the best in his new client and save Penelope from even further humiliation and anguish. But can he?

Despite her resistance, Meredith finds herself increasingly unable to resist Damien as she is drawn further into his web.
This is a story of dominance and submission; of power and control. It is not for the faint hearted as it takes the reader into the murky but highly erotic world of BDSM.

Chapter 1

The sleek, new SUV slid to a halt in the visitor’s car park of Danforth Enterprises, its tinted windows obscuring the view of the driver, Damien Franks. His tall, lean, muscled frame emerged and strode confidently into the lobby, directly to reception. The clerk blinked as though blinded by his good looks, but attentively listened to him explain that he had been engaged to renovate the executive bathroom and that he would like to speak with a Miss Penelope Davis. It was rare for her working day to get off to such a start and a smile lit up her face as she directed him to Penelope’s desk on the 12th floor.
“Thank you, Dana.”
Dana blinked. He’d called her by name and the sound of him saying it was like liquid gold. While admiring her breasts, he’d taken the trouble to learn her name. Impressive. Yes, this Damien Franks was hot, smart, and obviously knew what he wanted and was not shy in seeking it out. He turned to go and Dana watched him as he headed towards the elevator, admiring his tight butt in work trousers that looked like they had been tailor made for him.
The elevator doors opened into the Executive Suite of Danforth Enterprises where he saw a desk with an attractive woman of his own age, mid-thirties. She stood up and smiled as he approached, extending her hand in greeting.
“Hello. You must be Mr. Franks. I’m Penelope Davis, Miss Smythe’s PA. I organized for this work to be done and I’ll be your main point of contact during the project.”


Damien looked at her and smiled, trying to recall if he had met her somewhere before. She looked strangely familiar to him but he could not place her. He took her outstretched hand, holding it a second or two longer than necessary and giving it a little squeeze as he studied her. “Pleased to meet you, Miss Davis.”
“Oh please call me Penelope, or Penny. If you would like to take a seat, sir, I will take you through to meet Miss Smythe in a few moments and then show you the task. We can discuss the details once you’ve had the opportunity to get acquainted with our CEO,” she said, forcing a pained smile. Penelope had worked at Danforth Enterprises as Meredith Smythe’s Executive Personal Assistant for a little over two years, which was the longest anyone had stayed in the position in the last five years.

Penelope was a bright, intelligent career woman who was making her way in the corporate world and she saw this job, despite its challenges, as a vital stepping stone in her quest to get ahead. She had doubts about how far she would get in this cut-throat world. People often told her she was too nice to deal with the cut and thrust of corporate politics. Penelope was beginning to wonder if they didn’t have a point. She found that in her professional life, like in her personal life, she preferred to be the quieter, more submissive personality. Her position as an Executive PA was quite fitting. She’d learned that professionally and personally, she preferred interacting and working with strong, dominant men.
Damien ignored her strange expression, smiled in return and said, “Well thank you Penelope and may I say that you have a beautiful name.” He either missed seeing her blush or pretended not to notice as he eased his solid frame into a chair, relaxing with his legs spread as he looked around the Executive Suite. It was plush, but not overly so in modern corporate Australia and he often wondered how people moved in this stratified society. In the circles in which he moved, everyone was brought down to one of two levels – you were either dominant or you were submissive. There was no middle ground. It was a different set of rules that determined who was who in the pecking order. Status was not decided by how much money one had in the bank or how much power one had in the boardroom.
He heard a buzz and Penelope stood up. “Miss Smythe will see you now.” She opened the door to the CEO’s suite and led the way inside. Damien could see a middle-aged woman behind a huge mahogany desk. He figured she was in her early to mid-forties, platinum blonde, wearing an expensive business suit. As far as he could see, she looked after her body and expended considerable time, effort and money maintaining her personal appearance. He idly wondered what she would look like if she were sitting behind the desk topless.
Meredith Smythe had cut her teeth in the corporate world, being the daughter of a key Australian industrialist and his German born wife. She was an only child and had spent much of her childhood travelling the world and being indulged the way only rich single children can be.


With the drive and the business acumen of her father and the Teutonic efficiency of her mother’s heritage, she was always going to make it in the business world if she chose to apply herself. She had been married once. It had lasted eleven years before she and her long-suffering husband decided to go their separate ways. He was a businessman too, and expended much effort in trying to be a good husband, but Meredith was always difficult to please. They had no children and that was fine by Meredith. She had never been particularly maternal and sex did not sit high on her list of personal priorities.
Meredith had a very volatile personality and an explosive, sometimes violent, temper. She was quite cold and distant to most people, especially if she felt they were inferior to her. She tended to save most of her outbursts for men, who despite the best efforts and the unending loyalty of her first husband, she saw as contemptible creatures.

She had received more affection from her father than her mother, yet she found the thought of physical interaction with another woman more appealing. In spite of that, she did not identify as a lesbian and was generally more comfortable having little or no physical contact with anyone. She had been selected by the board of Danforth Enterprises for her skill rather than her personality. The company needed someone who was willing to make the hard decisions in a difficult business environment – someone uncompromised by normal human emotions. The board had confidence that she would restore the company’s profitability.
“Miss Smythe, I would like to introduce…”
That was a far as she got before being cut-off mid-sentence. “Penelope, have you finished the correspondence for the legal team that I asked you to finish this morning?” She hadn’t even looked up. Damien could see Penelope’s body tense.
“Not yet, Miss Smythe. I have started it and expect I will have it on your desk by…”
“Oh Penelope, don’t make excuses. Just make sure you finish it before you go to lunch.”
Penelope took a deep breath and replied, “Yes, Miss Smythe.” She then took a sideways step and Damien noticed her shaking as he came to a stop in front of the CEO’s desk. She still had not looked up, nor had she acknowledged him, although she began addressing him directly.
“I expect you will not disturb me in the progress of your work. I expect to be able to continue to use my bathroom during the renovation and you should make it clear when you come and go to protect my privacy. If, for some reason, the shower or restroom is out of action, you should make Penelope aware, so that she can make alternative arrangements for me. You are contracted to have finished the job by the 23rd. I expect it will be completed by that date or I will be invoking the liquidated damages clause in the contract.”
There was a long pause and Damien was not sure if the CEO had finished. He eventually replied, “Thank you, Miss Smythe. I will try to…”
Meredith looked up, cutting him off mid-sentence as she had with Penelope. “Are you still here? Is there anything else you need?”
He caught her eye and replied, “Nothing that I can’t control.” Penelope noted with some interest that in an unusual reaction to his comment, Meredith held his gaze a little longer than normal before shifting it to her.
“Penelope, take this workman out and get him organized. I have a meeting here in eight minutes.”
Penelope replied quickly, “Yes, Miss Smythe,” stepping towards the outer door, glancing at Damien and using her eyes, indicated that he should follow her. As he turned to leave he added pleasantly, “And it was lovely to meet you too, Miss Smythe.”
The door closed. Penelope turned to him and said, “I’m sorry for Miss Smythe’s behavior. She is not the most social CEO when dealing with what she calls, ‘The workers’. She can be quite challenging but you’ll get used to her.” Under her breath she added, “I hope.”
“There is nothing for you to be sorry for, Penelope. I’ve dealt with worse than her over the years and I am sure I will be able to handle her for long enough to complete the project.”
Penelope looked at him and thought to herself, I am sure you will and I just hope I get the opportunity to see it. Actually, I have no doubt you would be able to handle me as well. She was gazing at him a little more intently than she meant to and she could feel her nipples stiffening inside her bra, hoping that he would not notice. “Why don’t you go and get your tools and when you come back up we can go over the finer details of the requirements. Then, you can get started.”
He smiled at her and said, “Sure.” As he turned to go he added, “Hopefully by the time I return you will have calmed yourself down a little. It’s not healthy for you to be affected that way just by interacting with your boss.”
As he walked out he heard Penelope say, “And she is in a pretty good mood today,” as she slumped down into her chair. As she watched him disappear into the elevator, admiring his tight, curvy butt, she realized that it wasn’t only her boss’s mood that was causing her to tremble.
Damien returned with a box of tools and a stepladder, and stood in front of Penelope’s desk. She looked up to see him standing, looking down upon her with a smile on his face and her heart skipped a beat. She could not help but notice his well-developed biceps and pectorals through his tight t-shirt and she felt a shiver run through her, her nipples reacting again as she pictured him without his shirt on. Shaking herself out of her fantasy world before her distraction became too obvious, she invited him to sit down to discuss the details. He didn’t know it, but he was already part of Penelope’s world and she had already seen him shirtless and in action. That was one of the reasons she had contracted him; she knew what he was.
The executive bathroom had an entrance from Penelope’s office, not that she was permitted to use it. So Damien would not have to disturb Meredith with his comings and goings. Penelope felt this would work well, not only because she would avoid the wrath of her boss, but she would get to enjoy watching Damien as he came and went over the next couple of weeks.
After their discussion, Damien decided that he would need to manage this project a little differently from most renovations he had undertaken in that he would need to complete it in stages so that the facility was never taken right out of use. This would involve a partial rip-out to begin with and the gradual progression of the new work, trying to work around the requirements, and personal demands, of the CEO. He expected that dealing with her was going to be the most challenging part of the whole project.
The first thing he did was to fit warning signs to both doors indicating that readers were entering a construction zone and that they should knock before entering. He then went to work, removing some of the simpler fittings, fitting protective coverings on the floor and erecting protective screens for some of the walls and partitions. As he was finishing them off, the door from the CEO’s office opened and Meredith entered, glancing at him briefly with a look of disdain before entering one of the cubicles and locking the door behind her.
Damien checked to see that the sign was still in place on her door before patiently waiting for her to emerge. Before long, he heard the cistern flush and a few seconds later she emerged and went straight to the sink to wash her hands. Eventually she looked up into the mirror and noticed him watching her. “Miss Smythe, I am required to fit these warning signs by law. They are there for your protection.”
She looked at him over the top of her glasses and said, “Quite! Those things do not apply to me Mr… What did you say your name was again?” Before giving him the opportunity to reply she added, “Before long you will be telling me I should raise my hand and seek permission to go to my own bathroom… Preposterous.”
He looked at her coolly. “My name is Mr. Franks,” he said evenly. “Damien Franks. I will do whatever is necessary to exercise control over my work site, Miss Smythe. As far as seeking permission to take care of your personal needs; may I suggest you be careful of what you wish for. Stranger things have happened.” Again, she maintained eye contact with him and he could see that she was considering his reply before deciding that it was not worth pursuing further. She turned and strode out of the bathroom without giving him a second glance and the door slammed behind her.
As she passed him, Damien had his first opportunity to really study her and he realized she was quite attractive in and old school type of way. She had full breasts that, if he was any judge, were probably about 34C. Her waist was relatively slim and her hips were full above a curvaceous butt, which was covered by a snug fitting skirt that came down to just above her knees. She wore seamed stockings and black pumps with three-inch heels. She was every bit the executive in her appearance, exuding confidence and power and as he took her appearance in he thought of the challenge he was to face. Damien had never been one to back away from a good challenge and he found his cock hardening as he thought about how much fun it was going to be to subdue Miss Smythe and introduce her to his kinky, and some would say, perverted world.
Sitting down behind her desk, Meredith considered her exchange with the workman. Never timid in front of men, she actually enjoyed the power she had over them and achieved a certain level of sadistic pleasure in watching them squirm in her presence, not recognizing it as a sexual issue.
She had achieved little physical pleasure from the few sexual partners she had allowed into her bed over the years. None, including her ex-husband had managed to satisfy her and apart from her marriage, most of her relationships tended to fail soon after the first sexual encounter. She would invariably dismiss her lover as inadequate, emasculating them in the process and quite often her ex-partners labeled her as frigid and unresponsive. She had long ago formed the opinion that the physical act of sex was overrated.
Although she had experienced orgasm, it had only ever been in the privacy of her own bedroom at her own hand and even those had been few and far between. They had usually been achieved soon after a torrid business meeting where she had battled one or more of the men in the room and defeated them. It seemed the more she humiliated them, the hotter she found it later as she replayed the experience in her mind.
She had little respect for men in general as virtually all of her male staff fawned all over her in an effort to curry favor. Those few that tried to stand their ground inevitably did not last long; they either resigned before moving on, or were fired for having the temerity to challenge her. Mr. Franks was obviously not like most she had to deal with and she wondered what made him different. Fortunately, she wouldn’t have to deal with him for too long. Although, it would certainly be long enough to show him who’s in charge here. If needs be she could always sack him and hire someone who would show her the proper respect.
Despite her feelings, she was surprised to find her nipples had stiffened inside her satin bra and she felt the smooth material rubbing gently against the hard buds. Despite her disdain for members of the opposite sex, she did enjoy the finer things in life and hence her underwear choices were both expensive and sensuous. Most of it came from suppliers like Le Perla. She used them to increase her sense of superiority. It was a dirty little secret, wearing lingerie that she knew few others could afford, knowing that men would be drooling over them if they were ever given the opportunity to view them close up. Her reaction in this case was most unusual; however, she thought little of it at the time. There could be any reason her body reacted like this at this moment and it probably had nothing to do with her inconsequential interaction with the hired help.

Exerpt 1

She brought her hand up to slap him across the face and in a lightning response, he grabbed her wrist just before she made contact. He saw the shock register on her face as she was stopped mid-blow by his vise like grip. Her first reaction was to lash out with her foot between his legs but again he was too fast for her. In the split second her foot was off the floor, he tapped her supporting knee sideways and her leg went out from under her. He maintained his grip on her wrist and lowered her quickly but gently to the floor and before she knew it she was kneeling in front of him. She then used her free hand in a futile bid to punch him in the crotch, but again he was too quick, grabbing her second wrist before her fist hit its target. She was seething with rage.

“LET me go. NOW- or you will find yourself facing more charges than you know how to count,” she said lividly.

Looking down upon her quite impassively he said, “Now Miss Smythe, you certainly don’t look to be in a position to be barking orders at me. Stop speaking and start listening. It will be you who learns to do what you are told and you should be thankful I don’t put you over my knee right now. You are sorely in need of a damned good spanking and I must give you ample warning; I am just the person to give it to you.”

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“How dare you…” she spat. That was all she got to say as he changed tack and held both of her wrists with one hand as he withdrew his handkerchief from his pocket and shoved it into her mouth, holding his hand firmly over it to silence her as she fought to eject the gag. A muffled, “Mmmffffffggghh,” came from her mouth as she shook her head wildly, vainly trying to free herself. Her eyes were open wide as she attempted to stem her rising panic. Her breathing was heavy with the exertion and she was snorting through her nose as she struggled.
Damien looked calmly into her eyes and said quietly and evenly, “Don’t worry – it is clean.” He paused for a few seconds before continuing in a very soothing tone. “Settle down Miss Smythe. You cannot get free until I choose to release you, so I guess you are effectively my prisoner.”

His face lit up and his voice became more active as he went on. “Mmmmm. That has quite a pleasant ring to it – my prisoner, my captive. When you calm down and agree to be quiet, I may choose to remove the gag and tell you what I intend to do. It is your choice.”

In his peripheral vision, he could see that her nipples were erect inside her bra and he idly wondered what was happening inside her panties. Her signs of arousal was no great surprise to him as she continued to struggle and he had suspected she would respond like this. She, on the other hand, would have had no idea.  

After a time, she realized she was getting nowhere and the fight drained out of her as she got her breathing under control. She could see he was not going to go any further hence the fight response was no longer necessary. He maintained his gaze and looking steadily into her eyes said, “Now; are you going to behave?” She looked at him and after a few seconds pause, slowly nodded. “If you do not stay true to your word, or in this case your nod, I will be forced to take more dramatic action which I would rather not do right now. There will be plenty of time for that later.”

She could feel her nipples pressing against the inside of her bra and glanced in shock to confirm with her own eyes. Dismayed at what she saw, she looked back up to see him smiling. Looking away, she felt a flush of humiliation as she wondered why her body had responded like this. Her mind was racing and as she tried to process it all she could feel moisture between her legs as she subconsciously clamped them tightly together. She found herself staring at his crotch; her face was only about six inches away from him. The bulge was obvious and she noticed movement beneath the fabric of his trousers. Was he aroused by the act of overpowering her like this? She suspected so.

It had been such a long time since she had experienced arousal at anything apart from her own hands, she was confused.

Exerpt 2

His hand came down upon her butt but this time he kept going, alternating from cheek to cheek-sometimes concentrating a number of spanks on each cheek before alternating once again. The spanks were not too hard to begin with and it wasn’t long before she felt a feeling of warmth right through her butt. At the same time, the spanks were reverberating right through her pelvic region and increasing her arousal. Eventually he paused and gently rubbed her now hot butt until she moaned with pleasure and pushed back against his hand, seeking more. More of what? She didn’t know. All she knew was that she wanted more.

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Reaching around behind him once again, Damien retrieved the ball gag. Holding the end of each strap, he brought the ball up against Meredith’s lips. Without her sight she had no idea what it was and she instinctively opened her mouth. Damien pulled the ball into her mouth forcing her jaws wide open as the large ball filled her mouth. When it was right inside, her mouth could close over the top of it and give her stretched jaws some relief. By this stage, she had realized what he was doing to her and she tried to push the ball from her mouth. It was all to no avail as he pulled the straps around her head and buckled them together, holding the ball deep inside and forcing her face into a grimace.
Meredith tried to protest; her head shook back and forth as a garbled “nnnggggtthhfff,” escaped her lips. She was breathing heavily and trying to stem her rising panic as Damien placed his hand firmly over her cuffed wrists and held them against her. “Meredith. Settle down,” he said in a soothing voice. “You cannot push the gag out and I am sure you will be grateful for it before too long. Just relax and let it happen.” She was snorting by now, but she gradually quieted down and her breathing became more even and rhythmic. He continued to hold her with one hand while he gently rubbed her butt with his remaining hand, his fingers occasionally straying between her legs.
It wasn’t long before Meredith was arching her butt, trying to get more from his hand. As she raised it, her legs would open slightly as she yearned for something a little stronger from him, something a little more focused. Her mind was running wild as she thought about how totally helpless she had become.

For pity’s sake, why doesn’t he do something to take advantage of this situation? When will all of this become worthwhile? When would she be rewarded? Where is the pleasure that complements the pain? As she continued to squirm, she was wiggling her butt - small grunts escaping around the gag.

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