Strength in submission – Natalie thrives

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Strength In Submission - Natalie Thrives
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In the first book of this series, From Seduction to Submission, Natalie, a confident, intelligent and independent lawyer, had given herself to the enigmatic and dominant Mr. James, eventually begging him to take her as his slave. Since that momentous decision two months previously, she has never looked back and spent much of her non-working time being taken on a series of erotic adventures that would have been beyond her comprehension a few short months before. Despite her initial misgivings, her Master turns out to be benevolent, encouraging her to push her limits, let herself go and enjoy the freedom of being led by another.

Giving him total trust, she submits to and partakes in adventures that seem so incongruous—but which deliver such erotic outcomes and mind-altering pleasures that she finds herself wanting more and more of what only he can offer.

In a seemingly antithesis of her submission, she thrives in the workplace as her submission makes her even stronger and more assertive; resulting in her becoming a full partner in her firm. Eventually she finds herself in a situation she would not have expected in her wildest dreams, wondering where this latest twist will take her.

Chapter 1

Natalie woke to find sunlight streaming into her bedroom. Groaning, she glanced at the bedside clock. It was 7:30 AM Saturday. She had nowhere to be, so rolled over to catch an extra half an hour’s sleep. As she moved, she was reminded of last night. It had been eight weeks. Last night was certainly not her ‘first time’. Would she always feel this sensitive after being spanked, caned, whipped, teased, and tortured by her Master? Her pierced nipples ached and the chastity belt pressed relentlessly against her hips, but not against her constantly wet and needy sex. It deprived her, preventing her from achieving any physical pleasure without permission.
The chastity belt came and went at his whim, but the barbells through her nipples remained a constant reminder of her willing submission. Although the piercings had healed, her nipples were still quite sensitive and he had not really tested her pain threshold yet.

Femme Fatale.

Eventually rolling out of bed, she headed to the bathroom before wandering out to have breakfast. It felt strange to be walking around wearing nothing but a chastity belt. Here she was in her own apartment, free to do as she pleased in all respects except one. Her Master had taken control of her sexual pleasure. He had taken control of the very essence of a woman’s reason to be – to ensure the ongoing survival of the species. She shuddered knowing she had no way of removing it, which oddly enough made her smile.
Somehow enforced chastity made her feel closer to him. Every time, she wondered how long it would be before he freed her. Last night had been especially intense, plus, he’d allowed her a glass of wine afterwards. She had been too discombobulated to drive, so he’d sent her home in a taxi - and a chastity belt.

James had an early morning flight to Washington where he would be undertaking some flight trials in a modified aircraft. Natalie realized he would be in the air right now. He was due back in San Diego on Sunday evening; she would be ‘virtuous’ until at least then. With that in mind, she planned the rest of her weekend accordingly. He had warned her that the trials could go longer than planned, but the likelihood of that was relatively small.
She lingered over her breakfast, remembering.

            
Three months ago, she had been a happily single, professional woman living in San Diego, California. She had a secure job in a thriving law firm where she was an up and coming lawyer working towards becoming a partner. Between lovers, she spent her free time studying, exercising, and socializing with friends. Like many women, she enjoyed reading, especially escaping into the pages of romance novels where the heroine would be swept off her feet by the tall, dark and handsome stranger and they would eventually live happily ever after. Although not actively looking, she secretly hoped that her tall dark, handsome lover would find her and make her life complete.
Through a variety of love affairs, she had experienced satisfying, if not particularly exciting, sex but she had wanted more. She had yearned for a man who would make her the focus of the act. She had wanted a lover who would make her the centerpiece, to satisfy her completely before taking his own pleasure.
She had fantasized about a strong man who would do things to her that she discussed only with her closest friends. Sometimes her fantasies had extended even further. Those were the ones she kept totally to herself, unwilling to share the sordid details with anyone. They crossed a boundary that both scared her and fascinated her in equal proportions. In her real life, anything more than the missionary position was unusual. Despite her general satisfaction with life, she had wanted more and then Mr. James came along. In a few short weeks, her life had changed in ways that she could not even have imagined.
In the brief few weeks leading up to her enslavement, she had been spanked, caned and tortured. She had been hand cuffed, blindfolded, and gagged. She had slept in a cage and had served other women. She had witnessed sexual activities that were beyond the comprehension of most people and had every possible orifice filled in the pursuit of pleasure, usually her own.
She remembered fondly the first morning she had awoken no longer a free woman. She recalled her feelings when she had found herself lying in her own bed, locked in a chastity belt that covered her freshly shaved pubic region. Her nipples had new surgical steel jewelry piercing them and she had a collar around her neck that was locked securely in place and which could only be removed by one person. It had not been a dream or a fantasy. It was her new and very real life and she could not have been happier.

                             

As she had sat down for breakfast that first day, the chastity belt was a constant reminder of what she had begged for. An amazing mix of emotions coursed through her and she needed to be able to tell someone about them, about what had happened last night. There was only one person who fitted that bill.
Her long-term friend and confidant, Jo-Anne had been with her through most of her journey, initially feigning both shock and excitement as Natalie opened up about her new beau. As time went on, Jo-Anne revealed a side of her that Natalie had no idea existed; she was a dominatrix -- a bondage mistress whose life revolved around slaves and submissives of all genders. She began educating Natalie in the ways of this kinky lifestyle, first demonstrating different aspects of the power and control that was so integral to its success. When she felt Natalie was ready for more, she provided some real life experience in what was involved in giving herself to a dominant… to becoming someone’s slave.
On that first day, she dressed with great care choosing a bra to hold her sore nipples steady and a top that was not too snug, but just tight enough to enhance and remind, but not cause unpleasant discomfort. Thankfully, she had a pair of loose fit jeans that would effectively hide the bulge of the chastity belt she wore. She was happy with what she saw in the mirror, so she sent a message to the only person she could tell her big secret to: Dear Lady Jo-Anne. The commitment has been made and I would be honored to be able to regale you with all the sordid details, should you be interested. Slave Natalie.
The immediate reply read:

Ooooh. Slave Natalie eh? Can’t wait to hear the details. Be at my house at four o’clock. LJ.

While Natalie had some trepidation about exposing herself to Jo-Anne in the privacy of her home, she trusted her not to take advantage or encourage Natalie to do something that Master James would not like.
That day felt new and fresh, so Natalie decided to catch the ferry from downtown to Coronado and walk to Jo-Anne’s house. It was a typical sunny San Diego day and she wanted to get out and enjoy her new-found freedom in slavery. She chuckled to herself as she thought about the incongruity of those feelings. It didn’t make any sense at all and she knew that few people would understand if she tried to explain.
After disembarking the ferry and strolling towards the Hotel Del Coronado, she wondered whether any of the other people on the street would be able to tell that she was in chastity. On one hand, her logic told her that nobody would know. Why would the thought even cross their mind unless they were intimately familiar with the concept? Even if they did, it would be a stretch to think they might connect all the dots. On the other hand, she felt the chastity belt was affecting the way she walked ever so slightly. She had a naughty secret, and it gave her a little thrill. Whenever people met her eye, she would smile conspiratorially and walk a little taller.
Natalie rang Jo-Anne’s doorbell right on time. A few seconds later, the door swung open and there was Marc wearing a smoky black translucent latex steamer suit. “Welcome, Ma’am. It is so good to see you again. Please come in. Lady Jo-Anne is expecting you.”
“Thank you Marc. It is nice to see you too.” Natalie smiled and as she greeted him, her eyes were drawn to the bulge of his chastity tube pushing out against the thin latex of his outfit. She looked back up to catch his gaze, seeing a slight smirk on his face and she blushed at being caught in the act. He closed the door and turned. “Please follow me, Ma’am.”
As he walked away, Natalie stared at his butt, tightly encased in the latex that hugged him like a second skin. She immediately felt the familiar stirrings of arousal, and she could neither stop them, nor could she touch herself to relieve them. As she entered the living room, Jo-Anne arose from her chair to greet her. At the same time, Clair, who had been sitting at of Jo-Anne’s feet, also got up to greet Natalie.
Jo-Anne stopped short, smiled, and spoke, “Welcome, slave Natalie,” and pointed at the floor beside her. Natalie looked down and without even thinking about it began to lower herself. Jo-Anne burst out laughing. “Well, well. He has got you in the right mind set, hasn’t he? Give me a hug. You are not my slave – you are his.” As they embraced, Natalie withdrew slightly and stiffened. “Whoops. Sorry. Sore nipples. New piercings and they are very tender.”
“Ooohhh. How lovely. I look forward to seeing them. What other little surprises are there?”
“Oh nothing much. Just my chastity belt.” Natalie looked Jo-Anne in the eye. “You haven’t been conspiring with him, have you? Until I trained with you, I’d never even heard of chastity belts. Now all of a sudden I’m wearing one.”
Jo-Anne smiled broadly. “As much as I’d love to be able to say we were metaphorically in bed together, alas that’s not the case. He came up with that all on his lonesome but again, I look forward to you showing us. In the meantime, let’s have a celebratory drink.” She turned to her own slave. “Marc – champagne all round. You may partake as well.”
“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress,” he said as he headed into the kitchen.
Clair took Natalie’s hand in hers, raised it and kissed the back of it in greeting. “Well done, Natalie. You look radiant,” she gushed. “I can’t wait to hear all about it. You’ve certainly caught the best, I have to say.” Glancing over at Jo-Anne she added quickly, “Present dominants excepted, of course.”
“Hmmm. Good come back, Clair. It won’t save you from an extra stroke of the cane, but it was a good come back nonetheless,” Jo-Anne said with an evil smile on her face. Natalie had caught the look and it was debatable who was affected by it more – her or Clair. A little shiver ran through Natalie as she pictured the cane coming down upon bare skin, the recipient bound securely to a spanking bench. Instinctively she squeezed her thighs but it was no use. Her belt prevented any relief.
They heard the pop of the champagne cork and a few moments later, Marc had emerged with four glasses filled with the chilled sparkling wine and the bottle of Dom Perignon on the tray beside them. Serving his Mistress first, he then offered one to Natalie, then to Clair before putting the tray down on the table and taking a glass for himself. Jo-Anne raised her glass in a toast and said, “To Natalie and her Master James. Now the real work begins.” They all raised their glasses and repeated, “To Natalie and her Master James,” before taking a sip of the delicious wine. The three women then sat at the table and Marc lowered himself to the floor beside Jo-Anne. Natalie puzzled over what Jo-Anne meant when she said that now the real work begins.

Excerpt 1:

As she was about to eat her breakfast, a text message arrived. It was from James and she quickly opened it. Slave Natalie, It looks like I will need to stay up here longer than expected. Maybe a week or more.
Her jaw dropped. Quickly she typed out a reply. What about this belt? How can I take it off?
A few seconds later the next message arrived. Hello Master. How nice to hear from you. 😉


Natalie found herself on the verge of panic. She stabbed the buttons on her phone as she crafted her reply. FUCK!!! Just before she hit the send button another message arrived. You can’t. She hit the button.
She put her phone down, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Just as she thought she had herself under control she was startled to hear her phone ring. She had programmed it to play ‘Danger Zone” from the movie, Top Gun so she would recognize when a call came from him. Snatching the phone up she stabbed the answer button, lost for words. Anything that was likely to come out of her mouth would sound bad. She heard his soothing tones. “Calm down, Natalie. This is not the end of the world.”
The disappointment in her voice was obvious. “It isn’t? No, no, I guess it isn’t.”
There was a pause before he said, “Get on a plane and come up to join me.” It was not a suggestion – it was an order.
“What about work? I can’t just up and leave on a whim!”
“Do you have holiday leave owing?”
“Do you have anything critical going on at the moment?”
“No, but…”

“Well I fail to see the issue then. Let me know the flight details when you have booked and I will meet you at SeaTac.”
The line went dead.“Hello… hello… are you there… FUCK,” she yelled at her phone. She immediately punched another text message back to him. How the hell am I supposed to fly when I am locked in this belt? As soon as she hit the send button, she typed and sent another message. MASTER!!??
His reply arrived a few seconds later. You are so cute when you are angry. You are blessed with both extraordinary beauty and brains. I am sure you will work out the solution to that. I have neither the time nor the inclination to micromanage you to that degree and I have no doubt the gloss would wear off pretty quickly if I tried.
Knowing the danger of texting wars, she also knew she would get nowhere by antagonizing him further so she sat back and closed her eyes again. Was she going to go? She needed advice.
Jo-Anne answered on the second ring and Natalie instantly blurted out her story. “Ahhh, the first hurdle,” Jo-Anne replied knowingly. “It sounds to me like you need to get your butt up to Seattle.”
“What about this damned belt,” Natalie hissed through gritted teeth.
“What about it? Get used to it. You are not the first person to take a flight when locked in a chastity device and you sure as hell won’t be the last. You can either make it easy for yourself or you can make it hard.”
“What about security? TSA?”
“What about them? You don’t have a fucking bomb tucked away in there,” Jo-Anne said before adding, “Although there is some danger of you exploding by the sound of it,” she added. The mirth in her voice was obvious.
“Oh you are so funny,” Natalie replied humorlessly.

Excerpt 2

Natalie got up and wandered around the suite naked. She finally decided to have room service. At the knock on the door, she wrapped a bath towel around herself to open it. She had deliberately ignored the bathrobes, instead deciding she would tease the room service attendant a little. Despite the fact that she was adequately covered, she knew she had his attention and his interest in her was obvious as she chuckled to herself in the knowledge that she would have given him something to think about for the next couple of hours.

Image of pretty young woman hanging on rope in studio

After breakfast she decided a work out would be in order and after donning her lycra compression tights and top, she made her way down to the fitness center. Although not particularly vain, she admired her reflection in the full-length mirrors in the gym. Quality gym wear achieved amazing results in the smoothing out of minor body flaws and she enjoyed both the look and the feel of hers. There were two men in the gym and it wasn’t long before one of them tried to strike up a conversation with her. She smiled and answered his questions politely, neither encouraging him nor discouraging him. Before long he suggested that if she was not doing anything later he would like to take her out for a drink.
Smiling sweetly at him she replied that she would love to do so but that she would need to seek permission from her master first. She managed a totally deadpan expression as his eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped. Finally, he managed to speak. “I’m sorry Natalie. I didn’t quite get that,” he stammered.

The smile never leaving her face she replied quite clearly, “I will have to seek permission from my master to see if he will allow me to join you. I suspect he intends to tie me up and spank me tonight but he may allow me a short period of freedom before he does so. I have no doubt he will fit my chastity belt beforehand though.”
That was enough to totally bamboozle her would-be suitor and he lost his train of thought before disappearing in a flurry of arms and legs off the back of the fast running treadmill, landing ingloriously in a heap on the floor behind her. Natalie hit the stop button on her machine and stepped off.

“Oh dear. I hope I didn’t cause that,” she said innocently as she went to help him up. As she squatted, she opened her legs wide and she watched as his focus was immediately on her crotch as he tried to make excuses about his misfortune. When she had confirmed he’d damaged nothing more than his ego, she continued where she had left off on the treadmill while he beat a hasty retreat having humiliated himself in front of her more than he could countenance.
Finishing her workout, she returned to her suite and decided some time at the pool would round her morning out nicely so she showered, slipped into her one-piece bathing suit, donned a robe, and headed to the pool with a tablet loaded with a choice of books. It was an indoor pool and she initially had it to herself, swimming a number of laps in the refreshing water. A few people came and went while she was there and even when she was relaxing on the lounge and reading she could almost feel their gaze as they feasted upon her taut body.
Natalie was reading a new novel called Reluctant submission – Educating Meredith, which was about a woman who had been gradually, but reluctantly drawn into a D/s relationship. Although the personality of the main female character was far removed from her own, she could relate to Meredith. As she read, she found the book was arousing her to such a degree that she was squirming around on the lounge, struggling to resist the urge to touch herself. A few more guests had come into the pool while she had been reading and she was grateful that none of them could see what she was feeling. Eventually she had to put the tablet down and slip back into the pool.
When she was sure nobody could see her, she rubbed her breasts gently against the edge of the pool, enjoying the subtle stimulation to her hard nipples. Slipping her hand between her legs, she rubbed her bulging vulva through her swimming suit as she imagined being Meredith. It was not long before she climaxed, biting her lip to prevent herself from moaning aloud. Her climax came very quickly and while not earth shattering, it made her whole body twitch as the waves of pleasure moved through her. At that moment, a young couple walked through the door cutting short her orgasm.
As she climbed out of the pool, she smiled at the newcomers and said, “It sure is a beautiful place to spend some time.” They both agreed as the woman pushed her partner into the pool, squealing as she moved away from the edge, her dripping wet partner in hot pursuit. She was still squealing as he picked her up and carried her to the edge of the pool and dumped her unceremoniously in the cool clear water. “You deserve a good spanking,” he said as she surfaced, spluttering and wiping the water from her eyes.
“I wonder who would be capable of giving it to me,” she replied daringly.
Natalie gathered her belongings and made her way towards the door muttering under her breath, “I know someone who certainly would. Be careful of what you wish for, my dear. Be careful of what you wish for.”

This story includes detailed depictions of BDSM and control as our heroine explores this underworld of love, eroticism and kink. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.

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