The making of a Mistress – Nicole and Jason’s journey

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In the first part of this hot Femdom series, The Way The Cards Fall, Jason lost a bet with his girlfriend, Nicole. Now, much to his chagrin, he is serving as her slave for a couple of weeks - or at least he thinks it is only a couple of weeks. As they explore and learn about dominance and submission, little does he know that Nicole is enjoying their respective roles and her new found dominance. She has no intention of giving up her control. Discovering a sadistic streak she didn't know she had, she learns to exercise it, exploring its possibilities more and more. Despite fighting it, Jason finds himself responding to her erotic mix of cruelness and kindness, falling deeper under her control. The pain, the humiliation, the control and the surrender is like a drug and they both find they need more. This is their continuing story. 

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Chapter 1

Nicole sat cross legged on her bed, inspecting what appeared to be a myriad of metal and plastic items sitting on tray balanced on her knees. In reality there were about ten pieces but as Nicole had no idea how they fitted together, it might as well have been a whole lot more. It was a gift from Laura, her new mentor and trainer and although she now understood what the device was, she needed to understand how to assemble all the pieces. Then she had to fit them to her slave with such confidence that he would think she knew what she was doing. In reality they would both know better because a few short weeks ago they were both total novices.

Holding up the clear plastic tube with holes in selected places, including a small slot at the tip, she tried to imagine sliding it over Jason’s cock, especially if he tried to resist or even worse, if he was hard. It would certainly not fit him if he was hard and the curve in the tube would make it quite impossible.

Eventually she picked up her tablet computer and logged onto the internet. Typing CB-6000, as was written on the box, into her search engine the number of hits she received amazed her. Having already determined it was a male chastity device, she needed to know more about it before fitting it to her hapless slave. She scanned the results of her search: Male chastity device; Chastity belt for naughty men; extreme restraints, they read.

Nicole’s head was spinning as she thought about everything that had happened, from their fateful bet through to where she was tonight. 

A few short weeks ago she was no different to most young women are as they exploring their life and sexuality. Not a virgin by any means, she had relatively little experience with men and what she did have had been relatively unfulfilling. Boys were so immature, thoughtless and selfish, she had often thought. Nonetheless she still loved them; she just needed that special someone who would pay her the attention she deserved.A different approach was needed and with nothing to lose, she had made her move after meeting Jason at a party. He was quiet and reserved and it was after a few drinks that Nicole decided if anything was going to happen, it was her who would have to initiate it. “I like you Jason and would certainly be interested in getting to know you better. Join me for coffee tomorrow. Meet me on the corner of Market and Elm at 4.30 PM. I know just the place.”

She hadn’t even waited for a reply as she turned and strode purposely away, wondering if she had really just propositioned a boy she had just met. Not even believing he would turn up but deciding to be there just in case he did, she was quite surprised. Sure enough he was already there when she arrived and the rest, as they say, is history.

She was pleased to find him quite intelligent and articulate once she drew him out of his shell and they agreed to continue to date, gradually growing closer as their love developed. Recently after a fun night out together she had played her inebriated boyfriend in a game of strip poker where the loser agreed to become the slave to the winner for a period. The fact she had won by dealing from the bottom of the deck mattered little to her as she exercised her new found control over him. Now, as his Mistress, she found a whole new world had opened up to her that she hadn’t known existed.

Being somewhat of a perfectionist by nature, she was determined to learn as much as she could to maximize the experience for both of them. Having spent hours online, her head was spinning with the possibilities. This came to a head when she took him to an adult emporium to learn about the various pieces of equipment she could use to keep him under her control. While they were there, the proprietor took them under her wing and kindly demonstrated some of her stock, but until now chastity was not something Nicole had even considered.

She felt her exhaustion enveloping her as the evening’s events caught up with her and when she climbed into bed, it wasn’t long before she drifted off into a deep sleep. Before she did, she could not help but reminisce about her experience here only an hour or so before. Laura, the proprietor of the adult store had come to visit and demonstrate even more of her wares privately for and on Nicole. Eventually Nicole had found herself gazing into the eyes of a leather clad Dominatrix, her friend and mentor who stood in front of her with a strap on cock between her legs. It soon became obvious that Laura knew how to use it and Nicole still felt the effects of the artificial cock as she drifted off to sleep

On waking in the morning, she jumped into the shower as the thoughts of the previous evening came flooding back. As she arrived at work, thoughts of both Jason and Laura still flooded her mind. At her break, she opened her search engine and typed in CB-6000 again. This time she took a little time to open different pages to learn what she could. Opening a link, the words leaped off the screen at her. Chastity - Control the cock: control the man.

Never having considered a chastity device before, Nicole wasn’t even aware they still existed. She was aware of their supposed use on women in the middle ages and had seen examples of them in museums but had never heard of them being used on men before. The ones she had seen looked positively hideous and she couldn’t imagine what the poor women went through when they were locked away. Obviously things had moved on since then and the parts she had been inspecting looked positively civilized in comparison. She wondered how he would respond. Figuring she had to get the timing right and then he would have little choice in the matter but she was sure the look on his face would be absolutely priceless.

Nicole could not wait to get home to study the device more closely and decide on her strategy. She looked at a number of sites to find out everything she could about male chastity and the CB6000 itself and she was getting more enthused about it the more she read. Not only was her enthusiasm building, but her arousal as well. Seeing photos of subjects locked into the device gave her all sorts of ideas as she formed a mental picture of Jason standing before here, his arms secured behind his back, with the CB6000 locked in place.

Subconsciously licking her lips she imagined taking hold of the device and looking into Jason’s eyes, seeing the fear and uncertainty. She would watch as it dawned on him that he could no longer touch or control what until now had been the center of his universe. She chuckled to herself, imagining him on his knees, begging her to remove the device and allow him some relief. Reading a range of reviews, the words that kept leaping out to grab her attention were: control; submission; love; service; denial and gratification. “What’s not to love about that,” she said to herself?

“What’s not to love about what?”

The unexpected voice startled Nicole. She slammed the lid of her lap top as she looked up to see one of the other sales team members standing in the doorway of her office, smiling at her. She could feel herself blushing as she tried to work out how to respond.

“Obviously something exciting but definitely naughty and probably way against company policy if your reaction is anything to go by,” Miriam said slyly.

Nicole had quickly regained her composure. She looked Miriam squarely in the eye and said confidently, “I was just studying a picture of the chastity device I am going to fit to my slave. Then I will have total control of him and he will be at my beck and call forever.” She followed it up with a high pitched cackle.

“You are so full of it sometimes, Nic. But come to think of it, it is a lovely thought. Sometimes I think I could use a slave. When you’ve got it done, let me in on the secret so that I can get one of my own.”

“What? A chastity device?”

“No – a slave, silly,” she said before turning and walking away.

When Nicole arrived home, she studied all the pieces once again and could not resist the urge to send Jason a text message. Looking forward to dinner tomorrow night. I have a gift for you that I am sure you will love – or maybe not. LOL. I will be there at 6. Mistress N.

A few minutes later, his reply arrived. Thank you Mistress. Mike and Britt will be here at 7:30. I look forward to receiving your gift – I think. 😉

She waited another hour or so and sent him another text. Ensure your cock and balls are freshly shaved. Be on your knees in the slave position when I arrive. Mistress N.

Almost immediately he replied. Yes Mistress. Slave J

Waiting until late that night, she sent her final message before going to sleep. Be wearing my panties and your collar. Only my panties and your collar. Mistress N.

Yes Mistress. Slave J

Nicole smiled before closing her eyes. She didn’t expect him to be happy to have to wear her panties again and his response confirmed that. She would use that as another way of controlling his behavior, she thought to herself, working out a plan as she drifted off to sleep.

When Nicole arrived at Jason’s the following evening, she entered and was pleased to see that he had followed her instructions to the letter. She stepped inside, her booted heels tapping on the hard tiled floor before stopping and closing the door. Then slowly circling Jason, she bent over and ran her fingernails down his back. “Good boy,” she purred. “I love it when you do as you are told. Stand.”

As he stood, she could see the effect she had had on him as his cock stretched the crotch of her panties. She hugged him and kissed him, with him responding in kind.

“I’ve missed you, slave. I trust you’ve behaved in my absence.”

“Oh yes, Mistress. Of course.” Jason smiled as he responded. Nicole looked him in the eye with a look that suggested she didn’t quite believe him.

“We shall see,” she said, producing a small plastic box with a dial on the front and two electrical leads attached.

The last time they had been together Nicole, knowing he was a typical male, had left him with instructions that he was not to masturbate until she gave him permission. He had willingly agreed before promptly blowing her off when he was alone. The first time he had taken his cock in his hand he was thinking of her. “What you don’t know my darling will never hurt you,” he said aloud as he imagined his cock between her beautiful milky white breasts. His cock stood straight out from his crotch and it took precious few strokes before he erupted. He hardly even had the chance to enjoy the build-up, such was his hair trigger when she was on his mind.

“You were instructed not to cum in my absence. How many times did you ignore that instruction, slave?

“None Mis…”

“I should warn you that this device will give some idea. I insert a probe into the end of your cock and it gives me a reading of the approximate period since sperm last passed through your urethra, so I hope you are telling me the truth. It should tell me it was at least last time we were together. Do you think it will?”

“I certainly hope so… Mistress.” Nicole looked him in the eye and could see he was nervous.

“Drop your panties,” she said as he slid the satin garment over his rapidly softening cock. “Do you wish to change your story?”

Jason looked at her in horror. He had never heard of such a device but then again, he had never seen or heard of many of the other things he had experienced since he lost that damned bet.  Was he prepared to try and bluff his way through?

“No Mistress.” She inserted the probe into the entrance of his urethra and touched his balls with the other probe while she studied the box. She looked up at him sternly.

“This is your last chance.”

“I’m sorry Mistress,” he blurted out. I couldn’t help myself. I even had a wet dream last night. It’s just the effect you have on me.”

Nicole was flattered by his comment but didn’t show it. “How many times, slave?”

“Six since you left on Sunday, Mistress,” he said, his head hanging in shame.

“Hmmmm. I thought as much. Well, we will have to see about that. Pull your panties back up and fetch me a drink.”

“Yes Mistress.” He turned and headed for the kitchen while Nicole followed, admiring his panty clad butt as her walked, wondering if her own butt looked as hot in satin as did his.

“And wash your hands before you make my drink. I can’t tell what that thing has been touching.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied begrudgingly.

Making herself comfortable in the living room, she slipped the empty box back into her handbag. Breathing a sigh of relief, she smiled to herself. “Well, that little game of bluff worked better than I could have hoped,” she said softly to herself. She was surprised he was naïve enough to believe a device could tell when sperm last left his cock.

“Get yourself one as well and come and kneel before me. Tell me about your week.”

He returned with two glasses of white wine and after handing one to Nicole, he knelt in front of her, admiring her knee high boots and hoping to get a glimpse up her skirt. Much to his disappointment she was keeping her legs demurely but annoyingly closed.

After he told her about his week, mentioning how she had never been far from his mind, she instructed him to go and get dressed and to finish dinner as Britt and Mike were due shortly. Before he left she said to him, “Slave, there is no need for Mike and Britt to know about our special relationship, unless you want them to. I’m assuming you will not be openly showing them your panties and you have my permission to remove your collar. Leave it sitting on your pillow.”

She sat back in silence, feeling pretty good about where they were in this game of control they were playing. Now she just had to work out how best to play her trump card of putting him into chastity.

Just after 7:30 the doorbell sounded as Britt and Mike arrived. After the greetings, Nicole made a pretext of assisting Jason to finish the dinner, instructing him to focus on entertaining their guests. She had to consciously work on not being overtly in control and she found it quite a challenge but also good experience as she was not interested in being seen to be the dominant partner in the relationship. She was quite happy for observant friends to see her as the power behind the throne.

After dinner, Nicole suggested that Jason and Mike go down to the garage and check out Jason’s current car restoration progress while she and Britt cleaned up the dishes. Jason did not need a second invitation and after grabbing a few beers from the fridge, they headed out to Jason’s “man cave” as Nicole called it. Britt and Nicole spent the time making small talk and getting to know each other better, feeling very comfortable in each other’s company, like a pair of old school friends. Nicole poured herself and Britt a large glass of wine as they went about their job before retiring to the living room to chat further.

“You two seem so well suited to one another,” Britt commented. “It looks like Jason has really fallen for you. Mike tells me that he fell for you literally, slipping over and hurting his butt on the weekend. Jason jokingly told Mike that he had been tied up and beaten up by two women.”

Nicole looked at her and smiled. “Oh, he did, did he? Hmmmm.”

“Yes. When I heard that, I thought, half his luck. Sometimes I think it would be fun to tie a man up and beat him. Come to think about it, maybe it would be fun sometimes to get tied up and beaten…you know… spanked.” She laughed as she said it.

Nicole just smiled and replied, “Well it’s funny you should say that because I’ve been reading up about that sort of thing a bit lately, you know, after Fifty shades of grey, and it sounds like a lot of couples do that sort of stuff. It’s actually a lot of fun.” Nicole topped up their wine and noticed Britt looking at her quizzically. Nicole quickly realized her mistake, adding quickly, “I mean it looks like it could be fun… you know… doing it. I mean to a man.” She started giggling, the wine reducing her inhibitions somewhat.

Standing up, she adopted a dominant pose, legs spread slightly, and body turned, head back as she looked down towards an imaginary man on the floor. Pointing down, she said in a menacing voice, “Get on your knees, slave and kiss the feet of your Mistress.”

She then broke into laughter as Britt; a broad grin on her face, said “Wow! With your short skirt and those knee high boots, you look like you’ve done that before. I was nearly tempted to obey you. ”

“Hand me the cane. You deserve to be punished,” Nicole said imperiously. She tried to maintain a stern expression as she said it but in the middle, she hic upped and immediately burst out laughing. “It is so much fun, and oh so satisfying, if you know what I mean.” She smiled and winked.

Britt looked at her, trying to work out whether she was serious or only joking and assumed it was the latter. Nicole looked at her seriously.

Corporal Punishment


“Can you keep a secret… I mean really keep a secret?”

“Of course I can,” Britt replied.

“I mean a really secret secret. You’ve gotta promise me.”

“Ok. I promise. I won’t breathe a word to a soul… nobody… nada…zilch!”

Nicole had a serious look on her face. She looked at Britt and said, “We do it.”

“You do what?”

“It. We do it! Jason is my slave. Hic.” She was struggling to get the words out. “I do tie him up and beat him.”

Britt looked at her, her mouth open. “Nooooooo. You’re shittin’ me”

“And sometimes I even get tied up myself by… oh don’t worry.”


“Ssshhhhhh. Not a word.” She made a motion with her fingers as if she was buttoning her lip.

Just as she finished, Jason and Mike returned. Both women continued to chat as if nothing had transpired between them. As the following day was a work day, they eventually said their good-byes and Mike and Britt departed, promising to get together again soon. As Britt was leaving, she looked at Nicole and made the buttoning of the lip motion. Nicole smiled. “Let’s do coffee,” she said. “I’ll give you a call.”

As soon as they were gone, Nicole turned to Jason and smiled. “Well, that was a successful evening. Thank you for your efforts in making it so. The food was yummy.” Glancing down to his crotch, she then looked in in the eye once again. “Six eh? You have some work to do. I am going to freshen up. When I get into the bedroom, you are to be the same as you were when I arrived, except you are to be waiting beside your bed. Do you understand, slave?”

Jason looked at her with a slight smile on his face. “Yes, Mistress.”

Nicole finished freshening up and made her way into the bedroom to find Jason in place as directed. She was only wearing her boots and her lingerie. Sitting on the edge of the bed she said, “Now come over here and put that tongue to work. I want to see what you are capable of tonight.”

She clicked off the light and removed her panties as he was approaching. Slipping them over his head, she pressed the crotch gusset against his face. “Here is my gift, slave. Enjoy the smell. You will be wearing them tomorrow. Then, grasping both sides of his head, she opened her legs wide and drew his head in. “Remember what I taught you last time slave…. Ooohhhhh yes. Good boy,” she cooed as his tongue brushed her outer labia.

Exerpt 1

Nicole moved quietly around the bed and she could hear his quiet rhythmic breathing, realizing he had fallen asleep. Reaching over him, she grasped the straps on his body bag and quickly rolled him over onto his front. He awoke with a start and she could see him struggling wildly as he tried to work out what was happening and how helpless he was, trapped in his leather prison. He managed to turn his head to one side and draw breath as she just as quickly rolled him back once again. He was still struggling within the bag and his breathing was panicked.
“I’m sorry slave. Are we boring you tonight,” she asked mockingly?
When he realized who it was, he relaxed noticeably. “Oh no Mistress it’s just that this bondage is just so… so… comfortable and secure and relaxing.”

Sexy Dominatrix At Vintage Wall

He felt his blindfold being loosened and then being slid up his forehead. He blinked a couple of times and as his eyes focused he found himself looking up into the eyes of his mistress. Then he noticed to tight, translucent latex with her breasts smoothly encased, her firm nipples pushing against the thin material. 

He felt his body reacting to the sight before him and he sighed. She could see the smile in his eyes and she guessed at what the sight was doing to the rest of him. She stood and let him take in the rest of her.
“Slave; what do you think of my cat suit?”
“Oh my God, Mistress. I can’t believe how incredibly hot it looks on you.”
“I’m glad of that because I have to admit it has had a similar effect on me. Combined with some of the other delicious things we have been getting up to, I just feel so fucking horny at the moment that I am finding it difficult to concentrate.“

As she spoke she was gyrating her hips and cupping her breasts with her hands. Reaching up to her neck, she slowly slid the zipper of her suit down to her waist. As the latex pulled back it exposed her breasts; her hard nipples growing now that they were no longer constrained in their latex wrap. She stepped up onto the bed; towering over Jason. She looked down at him as she straddled his crotch. He could do nothing except gaze up longingly at her latex clad crotch as she slowly lowered herself down on him. When he was bearing her weight, she leaned over him and guided one of her breasts into his mouth. “Lick the nipple and gently suck it slave.”

 Jason responded immediately; his tongue darting out as she manoeuvred her nipple around, guiding his tongue on the best way to please her. Eventually she allowed him to suck her. “Draw it all in slave. Suck it hard for Mistress.” Jason responded in kind, lovingly providing the service his Mistress was demanding. After a time she withdrew the first breast and replaced it with the other one, ensuring her repeated the process. “Oh yes. That’s right. Do it slave. Please your mistress,” she panted as she ground her pelvis against him.
Eventually she had received all she could take on her breasts and she stood, allowing him to watch as she pulled the zipper back up to her neck, encasing her breasts once again. Then reaching back between her legs, she grasped the other end of the zipper at the top of her butt and slowly drew it down and then beneath her legs and up to her waist. Jason’s eyes were nearly popping out of his head as her swollen labia was slowly exposed, the tight latex pulling back and literally squeezing her glistening lips out between her legs. As she slowly lowered herself down onto his face she growled, “You’d better do a good job on me you helpless cunt. Make your tongue worthy of being in service to me.”
Jason could not believe what was happening in him and as she brought herself heavily down upon his face, his tongue slipped deep inside her and he could immediately tell exactly how excited she was. She moaned loudly as he slid his tongue up to her clit and then gently flicked it around her outer pussy before plunging it back into her once again. Such was her excitement that he was struggling to breathe as she thrust down upon his face. It was only as he began thrashing about that he rose slightly, allowing him to suck in enough air before she thrust herself down upon him once again, growling with pleasure. “Oh yes. That’s it. Good boy. Good … oh fuck… Boyyyy,” she squealed with pleasure as her orgasm exploded sending spasm after spasm of pleasure coursing through her.
Jason could feel her vaginal muscles clenching as each wave of pleasure hit and her juices were flooding into his mouth as he kept his tongue buried deep inside her as she rode it like a little cock. Eventually she raised herself off him and gazed down upon him, her face was beaming as she said, “Wow! That lot came as a bit of a surprise. I didn’t realize I was quite so worked up.” As he watched her, her expression changed and her face adopted a wicked smile. “I know there was plenty of my juices keeping you busy there, slave but I wonder if you are still thirsty? Would you like something more to drink?”

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